Mister Kabab -West Avenue

After spending an afternoon of shopping, uploading songs on my ipod, and enjoying the sight of gadgets, toys, and clothes in Greenhills, Jr (my brother), Cy (my sister-in-law) and I decided to have dinner somewhere along Timog.

mister kebab

It was a Friday night…Timog and Morato area was undeniably packed so we headed to West Ave. instead. The huge signage of Mister Kabab caught our attention; the place is much bigger and better compared to the old one. The much improved Mister Kabab has nice interiors, with bricks, lamps, and decor’ to have that Persian ambiance. I’m glad they have very good ventilation, you need not worry about smelling like shawarma.

Once we were seated, the waitress rushed to get our order. We ordered 2 special Chelo Kabab, 1 extra rice, 1 Persian Shawarma, 1 Kabab Sandwich, 1 7-up in can, 2 Mountain Dew,and 1 Iced tea… all for only 530 pesos.


Chelo Kebab with 2 roasted tomatoes and buttered rice

The beef was tender and savory, with or without the garlic white sauce or the red hot and spicy sauce. The generous serving of buttered rice complimented the flavor of the beef and roasted tomato. I drowned the meat with the white sauce with a bit of hot sauce, it was good though we wanted some more garlic taste.


Persian Shawarma

A very tasty shawarma, warm pita bread loaded with beef, cucumber, tomato and onion. The flavor of the juicy and tender beef blends well with the diced tomato, cucumber and onion.


Kebab Sandwich

Sorry about the photo, well this is all they’ve got in the sandwich…Chelo kebab with tomato and cucumber slices. Seemed "bitin" but the taste of the kebab is all that mattered. 

Mister Kebab surely satisfied my always hungry stomach. I’ll definitely go back for more Persian chow experience. Their extensive yet budget-friendly menu (note: nothing in the menu exceeded 150) is yet to be conquered. I want to try the Keema with egglplant, Beryani rice, and yoghurt.  




Mister Kabab

95 A West Ave., Quezon City

(02) 373-5941


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