Savory- Cubao, Quezon City

My hunger hit me again…BIG TIME! It seemed exaggerated but…honestly, fasting for a day because I had to go for a medical check-up left my stomach rumbling. My mom and I headed to Cubao for lunch that day.


I let my mom decide where to eat and she was torn between Taco Bell or Savory.  She was undecided…I couldn’t stand my hunger anymore. I told her I wanted something heavy, I wanted to eat rice to fill up my hungry tummy.

Upon entering the resto, I noticed that the place was empty. Well, it was 4pm…too late for lunch and too early for dinner.



 We ordered set meals and their lomi soup (one of Savory’s specialties).


Mama couldn’t wait… check the noodle slipping into her bowl.


The lomi soup was served hotttt… the serving was generous, more than enough for 2 people sharing. I really couldn’t remember everything in it, I know there’s beef, squid, liver, some veggies, and probably squid balls… IT WAS REALLY DELICIOUS! Perfect for that rainy afternoon.


Mama had 1/4 chicken and fish in creamy sauce. The meal also had 1 huge cup of rice, turon for dessert, and a glass of juice (i think it’s passion fruit).

Savory’s signature chicken was great! It was cooked in perfection. The 15 minutes of waiting for this dish was not disappointing. The chicken skin was crispy, not soft/soggy…and the meat was tender and juicy. The unique taste of the gravy matched the chicken absolutely.

The fish was tender and the creamy sauce accentuated its flavor. I didn’t expect this plain dish would taste good.


I ordered almost the same thing except for the fish…I had pork spareribs instead and it turned out not to be a very good choice. There were only 3 small pieces of the spareribs on my plate. It had more bell peppers than meat.  =(  The spareribs was a bit tough. Also, the vinegar served with it tasted awkward with the marinade used for the meat.

Generally, my experience with Savory was good. The people were friendly, the service was fast enough, the food was good except for the spareribs. We just paid 500 +…thanks to mama’s senior citizen’s card which gave us 20% discount.

Simple and classic……’s SAVORY.

Savory-Cubao, Quezon City


3 responses to “Savory- Cubao, Quezon City

  1. You might find it weird but with all the food places I’ve visited, I haven’t tried Savory. When I told my friends that, they looked at me as if I’m not normal. So I think I’ve to try Savory ASAP so I won’t be left behind. LOL.

    • That was my first time to try Savory. The resto has been around for a long time. I can’t remember if my folks brought me there when I was little since there’s one old branch of Savory in Cubao. Yeah, I think you should try it. hehehe… 😉

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