Slice N’ Dice -P.Tuazon, Q.C.

I felt excited when I heard that there’s a newly opened Slice N’ Dice branch near my place. I’ve been wanting to eat steak and I was wishing this one would satisfy my craving. Slice N’ Dice (formerly In and Out) is the place to be if you want cheap steaks.

The huge signs outside show 99 pesos steaks. Seems catchy…indeed! Their menu consists of breakfast, snacks, ice cream cakes for dessert, and of course steaks. I ordered T-bone for 99 pesos; plus I also added plain rice (21 pesos) and soda (33 pesos).


The beef was relatively thin and topped with gravy.  I added hot sauce and worcestershire sauce for more flavor. I wished the steak was bigger because I chowed this one down in less than 10 minutes.


Honestly, It might take time before I go back to this place (this branch); There’s just so many things for them to work on…they have to train their crew to assist and be courteous to customers. It was very hot inside and people were already complaining but the waiter didn’t turn on the AC. Also, when we were about to leave the place, NO “thank you”…nothing was heard from them. Were they very busy? (Note: the owner was even there inside the store..tsk tsk tsk). To the management: take time to train your people, it will surely help your business.


10 responses to “Slice N’ Dice -P.Tuazon, Q.C.

  1. Thank you so much for this post. Now I have an idea.. So no need to be surprised then. My brother told me that the food tastes pretty good. Whatever the reason.. I will still try some this weekend. Cubao here we go!

    • you’re welcome chieko. 🙂 try to drop by at cubao expo if you’re going cubao. they got lots of cool stuffs there, not to mention cheap restos too.

  2. Hi try to visit Slice ‘N Dice Ali Mall branch. Very good airconditioning and the staffs were really friendly and not to mention, their food was awesome!

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