Tagaytay White House and Ming’s Garden

Yeah, I told myself not to procrastinate but one side of my head says it’s ok to do some things ‘ late than never’. Errr… not so good to start 2010. Imma start working things out and be productive…so here’s a headstart!

Days before Christmas, our family went outside the metro to unwind and feel the cool breeze or should I say “chill” in Tagaytay. My cousin found an interesting house and had it reserved for 3 days. It is called the White House… no need to explain why. Enjoy the sight!

hallway leading to the main living room

huge mirror and crystal glass figures

my favorite part of the house

TV room with bar and LOFT

one of the 2 rooms upstairs

the master's bedroom

view from the veranda

 The 2nd day was spent more on touring the city and buying pasalubong. The kids also enjoyed horseback riding…until the time it rained and we had to leave the area.

who wants to ride?

white corn... anyone?

how bout some mangosteen? langka? ponkan?

 We headed to Ming’s Garden for lunch. This place is owned by Ming Ramos, the wife of former president Fidel Ramos. The kids played in the playground while others looked around. It’s just a simple garden but I love how peaceful it is there. Great place to enjoy a sumptuous meal. I was so hungry I forgot to take photos of the food. Sorry about that. Anyways, we had korean beef stew, kare-kare, chicken barbecue, and spaghetti. We had mango juice and soda for drinks. Good food and very affordable. If you want something different from the usual fastfood…this is the place to go.

gorgeous pond at Ming's Garden

lovely narra dining sets

plants plants plants...

floating flowers

sunrise...view from my window

We headed back to the white house for dinner… guess what we had for dinner??? Bulalo.. of course! Tagaytay trip isn’t  complete without the special bulalo.

Tagaytay White House

Mavic – 09078346303

Rent is P6500 per night (Good for 6 persons)

Additional 500 for extra person

Kids below 7 yrs old are free!


4 responses to “Tagaytay White House and Ming’s Garden

  1. Dear Tnaps:

    You have to try the suman with coconut cooked in muscovado. That is the food I go back to at Ming’s.


    • Hello Annamarie! I was there last Feb 27 and had bulalo (again). I will surely try that suman next time. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Hi Marjorie! Thank you for dropping by my page. You may contact Ms. Mavic to check on the availability of the White house and the fees.

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