Coron Island Loop Tour

I can’t think of the exact adjectives to describe this place. Words and pictures aren’t enough to tell about the experience. Coron = Paradise!

We went to the market around 630am to buy food to be cooked by Ate Luvy, the wife of Kuya Ricky who was our boatman aka our “el kapitan”. By 730am we met along the pier to hand everything to Ate Luvy. We agreed to meet around 830am at the pier.

Our itinerary for the whole day tour was: Siete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach/Batch 91 Beach, Skeleton Shipwreck, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake. Note: Fee for the boat rental (Coron Tour) is Php 1500, good for 1-5 passengers.

Entrance fee for the different islands is Php100 per person,  for each destination, except for the Kayangan Lake which is Php200.

Siete Pecados was our first stop. A few live corals can be seen at the bottom and lots of colorful fish that I don’t know of. Note: Beware of sea urchins and jellyfish. Don’t forget to bring slices of bread to feed the hungry creatures. It was fun seeing them scramble for food.

It’s amazing how the color of the water change from one island to another. It’s turquoise on one end and dark blue on the other. Kayangan Lake was next. This time we had to climb 60 or more steps and go down another 50 or so steps to get to the lake. It’s known as one of the cleanest lakes in the world and I truly agree on that. No large fishes, jellyfish, or sea urchins this time, just small friendly ones not to be afraid of.

The photo above was the view of the islands from the cliff going to Kayangan Lake. There’s also a cave but we didn’t get in. This breath-taking view is the most photographed part of Coron and can be seen in most post cards.

By noon, we headed to Banol Beach but it was crowded and so we opted to stay in Batch 91 Beach instead. It has white sand, clear and pristine water; it was just a small island you can call your “own” – for the day. There are 3 nipa huts where you can relax after eating the much awaited lunch. I’m sure you’ll be drooling once you see the photos of what we had for lunch. Hahahaha!!!

More colorful fish can be seen here, and yeah there were just waiting to meet us along the shore. We gave them bread and shared our left over rice, which they really liked. My cousin, my mom, and I swam while our boatmen took a nap.

This is ALAS, our tricycle driver turned tourist guide and personal body guard. He joined us in the island tour and became our instant tour guide. Hehe! He’d give you a hand in getting you to places and in buying seafood and pasalubong. Next time you go to Coron, contact ALAS thru his mobile phone (09124069457). He’ll tell you the best deals in town.

Here are the hungry fish…ready to attack (the bread)!

WARNING!!! The photos below are tempting… *drool*

We continued the tour and sailed to Skeleton Shipwreck where you can find one of the 15- 18 Japanese World War 2 shipwrecks. Next were Twin Lagoon and Barracuda Lake. Climbing up the the limestone mountain can be challenging but the experience is definitely worth it. Expect to feel cool freshwater on the surface and warm saltwater underneath.

Come visit Coron and have fun! You can opt for a DIY tour and save extra dough… Call Ate Luvy/Kuya Ricky at 09282529862.

ENJOY!!!   🙂


Burgeelicious- Coron

It’s 11pm, you’re hungry and craving for burgers… who do you call??? Burgeelicious!

After the relaxing dip in Maquinit Hot Spring, we didn’t notice we had slept a few extra hours than expected. Most restaurants close 10:30pm and would already take last orders at 10. Good thing we found out about Burgeelicious and we were so happy that they are just a phone call/text away. My cousin had shawarma burger and I had cheeseburger. It comes with their own version of fries… sweet potato fries. We also ordered buffalo wings with garlic mayo dip.

The serving is big enough and is good for sharing. It’s tender and juicy beef is lean and decent. Not thin, oily, and fatty. The sauce for the cheeseburger is ordinary. My cousin said the shawarma burger is good, though. There’s a variety of burgers to choose from, i just couldn’t remember all… well except for the wasabi burger i didn’t dare to try. Maybe next time.    🙂

There are 4 pcs. of  big size Buffalo wings for each serving. I was expecting the hot and spicy kind of wings but this one was rather sweet and had a bit of bbq taste. Two pcs of wings and my cheeseburger filled my hungry stomach. Thumbs up!!!

Service is very good! They accept orders even during wee hours and will even have the food delivered to your room. Two thumbs up for that!

When in Coron, try Burgeelicious. It’s one thing in Coron that you shouldn’t miss.


Contact #: 09182062677

Coron Village Lodge- Palawan

I fell in love with this place the moment I saw the facade of the lodge. I like how simple it is, how quiet and clean.

Check-in time was 12 noon but we arrived early so we decided to have lunch first. I could already feel the hunger striking again so we immediately went upstairs where the resto/bar is located. We had adobong pusit, fried maya-maya with seaweed and tomato, and beef bistek tagalog. I was totally  famished I forgot to take photos of the food…my bad!

We were led to our room (triple-sharing) just across the resto/bar,  beside the newly built apartment. It has the basics; just what you expect for a lodge. Remember: this is a lodge not a five star hotel. It has cable tv, fan, and AC. The linens and towels are clean. The bathroom is clean. Check! For 1,250 per night, this is really a great deal.

I couldn’t stop myself from going to the bar, not that I would spend my vacation drinking but the reggae music, the fresh air, the good food, plus the free wifi access enthralled me. I hadn’t seen the entire island yet but I knew this place is paradise. Non stop music of Bob Marley in the evening and Jazz music in the morning kept the beach bum in me alive and kicking! 

Food is affordable, ranging from 100-200 per meal. I personally like the danggit; it is crispy and a bit salty. The pork sisig, however, is too oily and somehow tough or chewy.

Service is quick and staff are friendly. I had a great time chatting with them, asking about places to go around town. Wanna know how efficient they are? Ask them to cook what you bought from the market and they’ll do it for you the way you want it. (Note: Minimal charges apply for this service).

Coron Village Lodge also has a souvenir shop. Various kinds of craft made from wood, shells, and paper mache are being sold here…. yeah, even rain maker sticks made from bamboo and shells. They also have shirts, mugs, baskets, beads and magnets.  

Thank you Ms. Bec Fernandez and the rest of the Coron Village Lodge family for making our vacation a memorable one. We’ll see you again!


Coron Village Lodge

Contact: Ms. Bec Fernandez – 09189201517 , 8053414

Living the Island Life in Coron- Palawan

Being a professional bum makes me wander wherever, whenever. On a positive note, I get to spend my precious time with family and friends, which was deprived for a year (Yeah, I wasn’t being anti-social but it’s simply work-related).  Bumming can sometimes get boring so I spend time finding places to go. Browsing through different blogs gave me an idea to go to Coron. Here are snapshots of Coron town. Get ready to live the island life!

Simple and serene, that’s how life is here in this island. With a zero-crime record for years, you’ll definitely feel safe strolling around town even at dawn. Having 1 main road, everything’s accessible in a breeze; you could walk or ride one of  their steroid-injected tricycles.

The public market is the busiest place in town. Imagine all kinds of seafood you could imagine…fish of different colors and sizes, shrimps, crabs, mussels, squids, lobsters, seaweed, etc., you’ll find them here. Since this is seafood haven, you shouldn’t worry about the price. It’s wickedly cheap, i tell you!  (Note: veggies and chicken meat are priced higher since they are being imported from nearby provinces).

Coron is a gateway to all other islands in Palawan. The Pier is just beside the public market so you can buy all the food  you want and have them cooked during the tour. Cool, huh?!

Palawan is famous for their delicious cashew nuts. Almost 70% of the cashews being sold in Manila are from Palawan. Unlike cashews from other countries, the ones from Palawan are small and flavorful. The locals carefully select, wash, roast and pack the cashews…imagine the tedious process those cashews had to go through and I could munch them in minutes. Hehe!

The town has a reddish colored soil, called “pulang lupa” by the locals. This photo is taken on the way to Maquinit Hot Spring. After climbing the 760+ steps of Mt. Tapyas, it is strongly recommended to dip here in the hot spring for relaxation. Nature’s sauna bath at its best. FYI… you’ll get really sleepy as if knocked down once you leave the place. Too much relaxed I guess. Hehe. (Note: Entrance fee to Maquinit Hot Spring is Php100 per person.  Tricycle ride to Maquinit from the market is Php300.)

Map of Coron Town (c/o DIYcoron)

How to get to Coron:

One must take the Superferry which leaves Manila (Pier 15) at 5:00 P.M. on Friday, arrive in Coron at 6:00 A.M.; leaves Coron at 10:30 P.M. on Sunday, arrives in Manila at 1:00 P.M. on Monday.

Or the PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air which fly daily to Busuanga (Coron) airport; a 45-minute plane ride. From the airport, another 1hr ride going to Coron town proper. Fare for the van going to town is Php150 per head (if you didn’t avail of the lodge/hotel package).