Living the Island Life in Coron- Palawan

Being a professional bum makes me wander wherever, whenever. On a positive note, I get to spend my precious time with family and friends, which was deprived for a year (Yeah, I wasn’t being anti-social but it’s simply work-related).  Bumming can sometimes get boring so I spend time finding places to go. Browsing through different blogs gave me an idea to go to Coron. Here are snapshots of Coron town. Get ready to live the island life!

Simple and serene, that’s how life is here in this island. With a zero-crime record for years, you’ll definitely feel safe strolling around town even at dawn. Having 1 main road, everything’s accessible in a breeze; you could walk or ride one of  their steroid-injected tricycles.

The public market is the busiest place in town. Imagine all kinds of seafood you could imagine…fish of different colors and sizes, shrimps, crabs, mussels, squids, lobsters, seaweed, etc., you’ll find them here. Since this is seafood haven, you shouldn’t worry about the price. It’s wickedly cheap, i tell you!  (Note: veggies and chicken meat are priced higher since they are being imported from nearby provinces).

Coron is a gateway to all other islands in Palawan. The Pier is just beside the public market so you can buy all the food  you want and have them cooked during the tour. Cool, huh?!

Palawan is famous for their delicious cashew nuts. Almost 70% of the cashews being sold in Manila are from Palawan. Unlike cashews from other countries, the ones from Palawan are small and flavorful. The locals carefully select, wash, roast and pack the cashews…imagine the tedious process those cashews had to go through and I could munch them in minutes. Hehe!

The town has a reddish colored soil, called “pulang lupa” by the locals. This photo is taken on the way to Maquinit Hot Spring. After climbing the 760+ steps of Mt. Tapyas, it is strongly recommended to dip here in the hot spring for relaxation. Nature’s sauna bath at its best. FYI… you’ll get really sleepy as if knocked down once you leave the place. Too much relaxed I guess. Hehe. (Note: Entrance fee to Maquinit Hot Spring is Php100 per person.  Tricycle ride to Maquinit from the market is Php300.)

Map of Coron Town (c/o DIYcoron)

How to get to Coron:

One must take the Superferry which leaves Manila (Pier 15) at 5:00 P.M. on Friday, arrive in Coron at 6:00 A.M.; leaves Coron at 10:30 P.M. on Sunday, arrives in Manila at 1:00 P.M. on Monday.

Or the PAL Express, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air which fly daily to Busuanga (Coron) airport; a 45-minute plane ride. From the airport, another 1hr ride going to Coron town proper. Fare for the van going to town is Php150 per head (if you didn’t avail of the lodge/hotel package).


6 responses to “Living the Island Life in Coron- Palawan

  1. nice! i really love reading your blogs… ang saya! ang saya naman sa Coron! naku if not this summer sa sembreak mabisita na dapat yan! 🙂 hehe

    • tnx lacey… try to contact those people who assisted us para maka-save din kyo. they’re nice and accommodating talaga.

  2. Hi there. Natry mo ba gumamit ng mobile wifi sa Coron. 3G pa rin ba ang signal? Im planning to live there for 3 mos next year. Im a full time online freelancer, thus I.need stable internet connection. Your feedback will be greatly appreaciatedn Thanks. 😄

    • I’m not quite sure if may available apartment for rent. Medyo dinedevelop pa lng yung place and hindi ganun kalaki yung population. I tried searching din online but didn’t find apartment for rent. You can try to search din online just to be sure. I wish you luck. The place is lovely, gusto ko rin dun tumira.

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