Coron Village Lodge- Palawan

I fell in love with this place the moment I saw the facade of the lodge. I like how simple it is, how quiet and clean.

Check-in time was 12 noon but we arrived early so we decided to have lunch first. I could already feel the hunger striking again so we immediately went upstairs where the resto/bar is located. We had adobong pusit, fried maya-maya with seaweed and tomato, and beef bistek tagalog. I was totally  famished I forgot to take photos of the food…my bad!

We were led to our room (triple-sharing) just across the resto/bar,  beside the newly built apartment. It has the basics; just what you expect for a lodge. Remember: this is a lodge not a five star hotel. It has cable tv, fan, and AC. The linens and towels are clean. The bathroom is clean. Check! For 1,250 per night, this is really a great deal.

I couldn’t stop myself from going to the bar, not that I would spend my vacation drinking but the reggae music, the fresh air, the good food, plus the free wifi access enthralled me. I hadn’t seen the entire island yet but I knew this place is paradise. Non stop music of Bob Marley in the evening and Jazz music in the morning kept the beach bum in me alive and kicking! 

Food is affordable, ranging from 100-200 per meal. I personally like the danggit; it is crispy and a bit salty. The pork sisig, however, is too oily and somehow tough or chewy.

Service is quick and staff are friendly. I had a great time chatting with them, asking about places to go around town. Wanna know how efficient they are? Ask them to cook what you bought from the market and they’ll do it for you the way you want it. (Note: Minimal charges apply for this service).

Coron Village Lodge also has a souvenir shop. Various kinds of craft made from wood, shells, and paper mache are being sold here…. yeah, even rain maker sticks made from bamboo and shells. They also have shirts, mugs, baskets, beads and magnets.  

Thank you Ms. Bec Fernandez and the rest of the Coron Village Lodge family for making our vacation a memorable one. We’ll see you again!


Coron Village Lodge

Contact: Ms. Bec Fernandez – 09189201517 , 8053414


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