Burgeelicious- Coron

It’s 11pm, you’re hungry and craving for burgers… who do you call??? Burgeelicious!

After the relaxing dip in Maquinit Hot Spring, we didn’t notice we had slept a few extra hours than expected. Most restaurants close 10:30pm and would already take last orders at 10. Good thing we found out about Burgeelicious and we were so happy that they are just a phone call/text away. My cousin had shawarma burger and I had cheeseburger. It comes with their own version of fries… sweet potato fries. We also ordered buffalo wings with garlic mayo dip.

The serving is big enough and is good for sharing. It’s tender and juicy beef is lean and decent. Not thin, oily, and fatty. The sauce for the cheeseburger is ordinary. My cousin said the shawarma burger is good, though. There’s a variety of burgers to choose from, i just couldn’t remember all… well except for the wasabi burger i didn’t dare to try. Maybe next time.    🙂

There are 4 pcs. of  big size Buffalo wings for each serving. I was expecting the hot and spicy kind of wings but this one was rather sweet and had a bit of bbq taste. Two pcs of wings and my cheeseburger filled my hungry stomach. Thumbs up!!!

Service is very good! They accept orders even during wee hours and will even have the food delivered to your room. Two thumbs up for that!

When in Coron, try Burgeelicious. It’s one thing in Coron that you shouldn’t miss.


Contact #: 09182062677


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