Coron Island Loop Tour

I can’t think of the exact adjectives to describe this place. Words and pictures aren’t enough to tell about the experience. Coron = Paradise!

We went to the market around 630am to buy food to be cooked by Ate Luvy, the wife of Kuya Ricky who was our boatman aka our “el kapitan”. By 730am we met along the pier to hand everything to Ate Luvy. We agreed to meet around 830am at the pier.

Our itinerary for the whole day tour was: Siete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Banol Beach/Batch 91 Beach, Skeleton Shipwreck, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake. Note: Fee for the boat rental (Coron Tour) is Php 1500, good for 1-5 passengers.

Entrance fee for the different islands is Php100 per person,  for each destination, except for the Kayangan Lake which is Php200.

Siete Pecados was our first stop. A few live corals can be seen at the bottom and lots of colorful fish that I don’t know of. Note: Beware of sea urchins and jellyfish. Don’t forget to bring slices of bread to feed the hungry creatures. It was fun seeing them scramble for food.

It’s amazing how the color of the water change from one island to another. It’s turquoise on one end and dark blue on the other. Kayangan Lake was next. This time we had to climb 60 or more steps and go down another 50 or so steps to get to the lake. It’s known as one of the cleanest lakes in the world and I truly agree on that. No large fishes, jellyfish, or sea urchins this time, just small friendly ones not to be afraid of.

The photo above was the view of the islands from the cliff going to Kayangan Lake. There’s also a cave but we didn’t get in. This breath-taking view is the most photographed part of Coron and can be seen in most post cards.

By noon, we headed to Banol Beach but it was crowded and so we opted to stay in Batch 91 Beach instead. It has white sand, clear and pristine water; it was just a small island you can call your “own” – for the day. There are 3 nipa huts where you can relax after eating the much awaited lunch. I’m sure you’ll be drooling once you see the photos of what we had for lunch. Hahahaha!!!

More colorful fish can be seen here, and yeah there were just waiting to meet us along the shore. We gave them bread and shared our left over rice, which they really liked. My cousin, my mom, and I swam while our boatmen took a nap.

This is ALAS, our tricycle driver turned tourist guide and personal body guard. He joined us in the island tour and became our instant tour guide. Hehe! He’d give you a hand in getting you to places and in buying seafood and pasalubong. Next time you go to Coron, contact ALAS thru his mobile phone (09124069457). He’ll tell you the best deals in town.

Here are the hungry fish…ready to attack (the bread)!

WARNING!!! The photos below are tempting… *drool*

We continued the tour and sailed to Skeleton Shipwreck where you can find one of the 15- 18 Japanese World War 2 shipwrecks. Next were Twin Lagoon and Barracuda Lake. Climbing up the the limestone mountain can be challenging but the experience is definitely worth it. Expect to feel cool freshwater on the surface and warm saltwater underneath.

Come visit Coron and have fun! You can opt for a DIY tour and save extra dough… Call Ate Luvy/Kuya Ricky at 09282529862.

ENJOY!!!   🙂


3 responses to “Coron Island Loop Tour

  1. ang galing talaga ni God in making such beautiful places like these. 🙂

    at sympre ang gaganda ng kuha! 🙂 tama ka…”I can’t think of the exact adjectives to describe this place.”

    – kasi super ganda niya…(kahit sa pics ko palang nakikita) 🙂 thanks for sharing this!

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