Omakase Japanese Restaurant – Libis

I’m craving for jap food now… and so I thought, why not post the photos I’ve saved on my mobile phone. I only have a couple of ’em. It’s not for food review purposes, though.

So here goes two of my faves in Omakase.

I had enough of the overrated California Maki. Omakase makes me more adventurous in trying different rolls… and yeah, American Dream wins the 2nd spot (Jurassic roll being numero uno).

American Dream is deep fried sushi with salmon kani cream cheese. It’s texture and crunchiness is insane! Match it with their special brown sauce with Japanese mayo and sesame seeds…oooh… you’ll forget your name.

Katsudon is the rice meal I always order in every Japanese Resto I go. Call me lame… hahahah… I just love how the breaded pork, fried egg and onions on top of steaming rice taste. Some kinda comfort food ayt!
Omakase’s Katsudon does not disappoint. I’m still searching for some real MEAN Katsudon in the metro.

If you guys drop by T. Morato or Libis, try Omakase for some real good japanese food experience. I think they also have branches in Makati and Alabang. I have yet to know their addy. Also, the branch in Libis is open daily from 11am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 10pm.

Omakase Japanese Restaurant

Omakase Japanese Restaurant
Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato Ext.
Quezon City, Philippines

Unit 207
Intrepid Plaza
E. Rodriguez Ave.,Libis
4370075 / 6376013