Krung Thai – Marikina City

What’s to rave about this thai restaurant??? Well… it’s one of Marikina’s hidden secrets. Not so many people know about this modest resto named Krung Thai; ironically, it’s located behind the busy Sta. Elena market.

The photos in the menu look enticing; there’s a wide selection of entries and the price isn’t that bad either.

Simple and small as it may be, Krung Thai sets an ambiance depictive of aunthentic Thai culture. The decors, table sets, and wallpaper and lights resemble the local restaurants I’ve seen in Bangkok.

As first timers, we tried the best sellers: crab rice, bagoong rice, deep fried mixed vegetables and spring rolls. The serving was generous; good enough for sharing.  🙂

The crab rice is served with real crab meat, together with sliced eggs and cucumber. It tastes best when drizzled with thai fish sauce.

The bagoong rice is served with sliced cucumber, mango salad, scrambled egg, and a pork dish. It has a subtle taste of saltiness which I liked because the bagoong didn’t overpower the dish. The tangy taste of the mango salad and the spicy taste of chili made this meal interesting.

The deep fried mixed vegetable have a coating similar with what they use in tempura. It comes with a mayo dip. It’s just an okay…so so meal. Nothing special with this dish.

I may be expecting too much with the spring rolls… but i found Krung Thai’s too oily. The chili sauce that came with it was a disappointment, it was the local grocery-bought chili sauce in a bottle that they served .

Overall, I’d say it’s still a clap…clap…clap… for Krung Thai. It may not be the best in the metro; however, there’s still room for improvement.

Krung Thai is open from 9am-9pm daily and is located at the Marikina Public Market M Cruz corner W.C. Paz, Sta Elena Marikina City (beside Johnny’s Fried Chicken).

Krung Thai Restaurant

Contact #: 646-4041 / 681-7696

Mobile #: 0927-7920587


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