Pres. Noynoy Aquino’s Inaugural Concert & Street Party- QC Circle

Though I didn’t cast my vote last election, I must admit, Noynoy would’ve been my bet. I just thought that even if I vote or not, he’d win anyways. Hehehe… Politics isn’t my interest and I have no plans of getting involved with it. With more or less than half a million people in Quirino Grandstand, I opted to stay home and watch the inauguration on tv. Maybe it’s just that historical ‘craze’  thing that dragged my feet to Quezon City Circle.

It was 3pm when we arrived at the venue. Not minding the heat, people clad in yellow patiently waited for the concert to start. It wasn’t a boring day after all; there were stalls that sell food, commemorative items, and yellow trinkets that caught my eye. Oh, there’s also free drinking water for everyone.

It was past 4pm and the concert had not started. Good thing I saw a man on a walking stick and a couple more wearing Noynoy and Manny Pacquiao mascots. They definitely drew the crowd’s attention.

Loyal supporters waved their banners and showed off the Laban “L” sign. It was an amazing feeling, seeing people unite and show nationalism. It made me feel proud to be Filipino.

The concert started past 5pm. I didn’t stay any longer since it was already drizzling that time. According to the news, there were more than 100,000 who attended the event. Celebrities from both Kapuso and Kapamilya networks performed. And…yeah… the president sang a couple of songs. ‘Twas indeed a huge victory party for President Noynoy and VP Binay!


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