Shawarma Snack Center- Malate

A lot of Mediterranean restaurants have mushroomed in the metro but I prefer this tiny hole-in-the-wall resto that serves mid-east food in Malate. I don’t frequent Malate that’s why I was so amazed to find this “gem” maybe most of you have known already. Thanks to my partner-in-crime for not letting me the last one to know about SSC.

The place is small with just about 8 to 10 tables, it’s not classy but I assure you the food will tickle your taste buds.  If you like classy ones, they got one across the street…a high-end version that serves almost same menu, only the ambiance is different.

What I like about this tiny shack is that it offers authentic mid-east goodies without hurting your pocket. Check out the menu below.

Unlike other shawarma places that try to clone the genuine shawarma flavor, most of the ingredients used in SSC are imported from middle east.

That’s my beef kabbab on the grill. *drool*

On the table, we had shawarice only for Php95. A plate consists of beef shawarma, salad, and biryani rice. With other Mediterranean restos I’ve tried, SSC so far has satisfied my palate. Though the tenderness of the beef isn’t consistent, my mouth still agrees on liking this dish as it is compensated well by its flavor- add chili sauce and garlic sauce to get the real shawarma goodness. The biryani rice is again…not a clone! Long grain rice cooked with authentic spices makes me think I’m in Persia. Taste it to believe. I promise this dish won’t disappoint you. SSC’s biryani rice is definitely better than World Class Persian Kebab’s, the latter serves bland pale yellow rice that looks like food coloring.

SSC serves arabic/pita bread for Php10 each. Perfect for the well-seasoned tender beef kabbab I ordered. Yummmeh!

Here’s the dish of the night. Beef Kabbab for Php195. It comes with 3 beef kabbabs, salad, grilled tomato, grilled onion and arabic bread. This is surely a winner! The beef is tender and flavorful. The salad with onion, green bell pepper, and herbs matches well with the flavor of the meat. The arabic bread was warm but I think isn’t enough for the 3 servings of meat; a cup of Biryani rice would do.

If you happen to be in Malate or if you just want to try authentic mid-east food that’s delicious and affordable, here’s how to go to Shawarma Snack Center in Malate :

Drive along Mabini going to Hyatt Hotel and Casino and turn left on Salas Street. You’ll find SSC along Salas St.; it’s on the right side.

Come in anytime, they’re open 24 hours.   😀





Shawarma Snack Center

Address: Shawarma Snack Center
45 Salas Street, Ermita,

Contact #: (02) 525-4541


5 responses to “Shawarma Snack Center- Malate

    • hi samuel! thanks for taking your time to read my blog. To answer your question, i suggest you call shawarma snack center using the numbers posted at the end of the article.

  1. Hello, I will arrive at Manila on 5:30 AM and plan to take taxi from airport directly to Malate for breakfast there at Shawarma Snack Center.

    I read on other websites that SSC has 2 outlets, small one (cheap) and big one (expensive). Would you be kind to inform me: Which one that opens 24 hours?

    Thank you.

    • I have tried the small restaurant and it is open 24 hours. I’m not sure what time the big restaurant close. Do not worry as it is just across the small restaurant. You can just check when you get there.

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