Han Pao Teahouse- Shaw Blvd.

Eating out at a Chinese restaurant is a feast! There’s just so many dishes to choose from; Ironically, I order pork spareribs every time.

The place was busy when we arrived mid-afternoon. Good thing we found a comfortable seat at the end corner of the resto. Baloogs and I haven’t eaten lunch yet; imagine the hysteria of seeing the photos on the menu. I couldn’t decide what to eat so I immediately ordered for… you know what… yeah, pork spareribs.   🙂

While waiting, a pot of tea was served, followed by a small bowl of soup. I was thinking I was having too much liquid, I couldn’t wait for the main meal.

Still waiting… we ordered kuchai dumplings. The chili-garlic,soy sauce, and calamansi mixture worked perfectly as a dip. Glad to say, this dish didn’t disappoint me. The filling was firm and tasty. The translucent cover was soft; it’s not soggy… steamed at perfection. yummeeeh!

After a few minutes, my spareribs was served.  The serving seemed like a “kiddie meal” when we saw it. A tiny cup of spareribs isn’t enough for my monstrous appetite. I finished the dish in a sec. Kidding aside, the spareribs was just ok. Nothing delightful about it. I prefer the one in Le Ching Tea House better.

I wasn’t happy about the spareribs I ordered. I thought my Han Pao experience would be my last…but…no! Hold on…Brace yourself for this dish I didn’t know existed. The main meal for the day: Noodle Feast.

It was definitely a feast to my eyes seeing the different colors on that dish. What’s so festive about this dish? Well, it has wide noodles at the bottom that serves as the bed for assorted meat toppings. It has two kinds of dumplings, sweet braised beef, white chicken meat, spicy pork, Chinese broccoli smothered with that sweet/salty thick brown sauce.

This dish absolutely gets a clap! clap! clap! No wonder it has become one of the the most ordered dishes in Han Pao. I couldn’t see any flaws about it. I just love how the flavor blends. The sweetness of the beef, spiciness of the pork, and saltiness of the sauce plus the texture of the vegetables and dumplings…luxuriously amazing. I wouldn’t stop bragging about this dish. yeah… I like it so much I had it  for dinner two days ago. Thanks Baloogs.

To experience imperial dining, drop by Han Pao Tea house, you won’t regret it.

Han Pao Tea House

Shaw Blvd. Branch
Ground Level, Sunshine Square
312 Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number: (63 2) 534-2467, (63 2) 534-3730, (63 2) 717-0465