Mexican Express- Quezon City

Hola Amigos! I like to dig in Mexican food lately and I say most of the restos I’ve visited offer pricey dishes. Surprisingly, there’s this small joint in SikatunaVillage that serves good yet affordable mexican food. There’s nothing on the menu higher than 120 pesos so there’s no reason to complain. Heheheh…

For first timers, they recommend their best-sellers which are: Super Burrito, Crispy Super Taco, Chimichanga, Chicken Flauta, Burrito Dog, Quesadilla, Ice Cream Wrap and House Iced Tea! I know I have a big appetite but I couldn’t handle all those so I just chose to sample a few.

The Cheese Flauta is a small rolled-up tortilla with creamy cheese filling, just like cheese sticks that are about 3 inches long. The filled tortilla is crisp-fried golden brown and served with salsa. For 50 pesos, you can savor the creamy cheese filing with bits of green bell pepper for a sweet and spicy taste.

I find this dish ok; nothing so special about it. The tortilla wrap is thick. I’m expecting a ‘crunch’ for every bite but it was chewy instead. Thanks for the salsa that helped me finish it or else it would be left cold on the edge of the table.

This is the Super Burrito split in two. It’s only 119 pesos. Would you believe that? I like this the most; the sweet and spicy filling simply made my taste buds excited. It’s loaded with beef, cheese, re-fried beans, bell pepper, rice, tomato, onion, cilantro, and some other spices. It’s not an authentic mexican dish but I commend Mexican Express for adapting a pinoy taste/twist to this burrito. I can say it’s now my el paborito. 🙂

This is the Cheese Quesadilla. We obviously had a lot of cheese that day. It’s the same as the cheese flauta except this one is served folded…not rolled. The tortilla is heated on a griddle and flipped until the cheese melts, whereas the Cheese Flauta is deep fried. Sad to say, this dish gets a thumbs down for me. There was barely any cheese in it. Priced at 69 pesos, I’d rather get a Nacho with beef and salsa for php65.

I was asked to try the House Iced Tea. One of the crew said, they won’t charge me for the drinks if I don’t find it good. Well, it is good. For only Php30, this drink served on a tall glass brought back the smile on my face. It has a sweet raspberry flavor (that’s what i tasted, i’m not quite sure). The serving is big, it can be shred by 2. Perfect to cool down the tongue from the hot sauce and spicy salsa.

Overall, I give Mexican Express a clap, clap, clap still… for two reasons, first is that the menu isn’t painful to the pocket and 2nd for the fresh and good tasting burrito. I will come back to try the chimichanga and chili con carne. Gracias!



Mexican Express

162 Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Contact #: 435-5555


Feast of the Black Nazarene – Quiapo, Manila

Newspapers say that more than a million devotees joined the festivities and grand procession of the revered Black Nazarene in Manila yesterday. I was one of those million people who braved the rain to celebrate and be part of this most awaited festivities in the country.

On a personal note, the Black Nazarene has granted my request a few years back and I’m truly thankful for that blessing He has given me. It is my first time to attend this celebration and yet I feel comfortable… I belong.

With feet drenched in mud, we walked around Quiapo while waiting for Nazareno.

I climbed up the stage where cameras from different stations were set just to get this shot. Rain or shine, there’s no stopping the devotees of Nazareno from celebrating this spectacular religious event.

The devotees in maroon and yellow shirts wave their small replicas of the Black Nazarene together with their handkerchiefs during the procession as they sing and pray.

This man wearing a white cloak imagines to possess whimsical powers to heal using “anting-anting” or amulet.

We felt hungry and so we decided to eat street food. I had 5 pcs of quail eggs for 15 pesos. The vinegar with cucumber, onion, and chili was good. I wish I had more but that’s too much cholesterol.

This man sells replicas of the Black Nazarene made from carved and hand-painted wood.

It was raining so hard I had to cover my camera with a towel, hence this shot. Devotees walk barefoot as a sign of humility.

Guardians held umbrellas to protect this replica of the Black Nazarene. You can also see the cluster of people trying to get a top view of the Nazareno from that side of the bridge.

This is the best spot to take a top view of the procession….that’s why most of the photographers are lined up here.

photo by: mishale aragoncillo

The crowd start to get packed as they await for the Nazareno to pass coming from Escolta. It is believed that the rope attached to the carriage of the Black Nazarene has healing powers that’s why devotees take risks just to touch the rope or the Nazarene if they can.

photo by: mishale aragoncillo

photo by: mishale aragoncillo

A sea of devotees united by faith. It just gives a different feeling seeing this huge number of people waving their towels/handkerchiefs and shouting all praise and glory “Viva! Viva!”.

photo by: mishale aragoncillo

photo by: mishale aragoncillo

This shows the significance of Jesus Christ in our lives. This celebration strengthened my faith and helped me grow spiritually. I know that it’s not only during this kind of events should we remember Christ and his teachings but everyday by living as true disciples of God.

It has been a wonderful experience and I’m thankful for that. Til next year and the years to come.