Kawayanan Grill Station- Coron,Palawan

I like Coron so much that  I went to this island twice last year. Yeah, this post is long over due and I apologize for doing the write-up…just now. Anyhoo, I’m glad to have visited Coron again…life there is so laid-back. I knew I will never get tired of Coron; though it’s just a small island, there are so many things to explore and enjoy. Click on the link to view a video clip of our trip…  http://spammable.multiply.com/video/item/6

With my quest to find interesting places to dine in, I went to Kawayanan Grill for dinner. I’ve read good reviews about this resto and I wanted to try it myself.

The price seems so steep for meals with veggie/pork/beef since these are being imported from nearby provinces. On the other hand, seafood is averagely priced. We had clubhouse sandwich and seafood pancit for midnight snack. Together with that we had mango juice and calamansi juice for drinks.

The seafood pancit was goooood. There’s lot of squid and shrimp in it, add to that some squid balls and clams. I’m not really into seafood but this pancit made me say “Yummmmeh!”. There’s not much vegetables, just a few strips of carrots, cabbage and string beans.

The clubhouse sandwich was quite dry. Too expensive for a sandwich with just ham, egg, and tomato between slices. It came with corn chips which is ok. The slightly salty corn chips matched with the tangy mango juice was a perfect combination.

The service was a bit slow here. It took forever for our  food to be served. The wait staff weren’t paying attention to customers; some were too busy watching that night’s band perform.

The saving grace really for this night was the pancit. It’s the only one that stuck in my mind. Sitting in the nipa hut, feeling the fresh breeze, and listening to native coron songs make this restaurant a perfect place to unwind, well… almost.

If I have friends who’ll be coming over to Coron, I’ll recommend Kawayanan Grill for their seafood pancit.

Beside the restaurant is a souvenir shop that sells mostly shirts and key chains. They have pretty decent shirt designs but I could buy 2 shirts from another store with 1 shirt in Kawayanan Souvenir shop. Talk about steepness… kaching!

Kawayanan Grill Station

Along Don Pedro St., beside Coron Sports Complex


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