El Buono Pizza- B.F Homes, Parañaque

It's a great place to hang out with family and friends.

The best way to enjoy pizza is to share it with family or friends…unless you can finish a 65-inch pizza by yourself. 😉

I’m glad to have found this place in Parañaque where friends can “chill”, sit back, watch a live band , or play beer pong while feasting on pizza, pasta, and more. The restaurant has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere… it spells F-U-N!

I was there to take photos with my team from Asian Escapades/Manila Escapades Magazine (watch out for this events guide magazine this June 2011). We were able to take a closer look of the restaurant, watch how they make their famous pizza, and interview Sir Lance – the man behind El Buono Pizza.

The pizza guy and his "masterpiece"- photo by: Mishale Aragoncillo

Being a pizza lover, I was captivated by the way the pizza guy made this 4 flavor Celebrity 36″ pizza. It’s the largest pizza I’ve seen in my entire life. I have yet to see the 65″ pizza…hopefully soon. Sir Lance described the process in pizza making from preparing the dough, putting in the sauce, adding the cheese, arranging the toppings, and popping it in the oven. He explained that initially, preparation and cooking time for this size of pizza was about 1 and a half hour which is now trimmed down to only 20-25 minutes.

While waiting for our pizza, they served us one of their Group Platter’s Treat- Set 1. It includes 6pcs. Southern Fried Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognese, French Fries, and a Pitcher of Iced Tea. This set meal is prices P750 and is good for 4-6 persons.

On the table:

The friend chicken has a seasoned coating making the skin crispy and flavorful. The meat is tender and juicy, I finished my share in no time. The spaghetti bolognese is spaghetti topped with a rich, ground-meat and tomato based sauce. I love the generous amount of beef chunks served, plus the firmness of the noodles which gives a perfect bite. The french fries is just regular fries, served with mayo and ketchup. The red iced tea that was served in a pitcher was good, it has the right amount of sweetness.

The spotlight goes to the 4 Flavors 36″ Celebrity Pizza (Php 1,988). It has four toppings: El Buono Special, Il Hawaiian, Salami Picante, and Le Verdure.

El Buono Special has mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, bell pepper, onion, pineapple, black olives, herbs & spices.

Il Hawaiian has mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, ham, and pineapple.

Salami Picante has mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, pepperoni, herbs & spices.

Le Verdure has mozzarella cheese, special cheese, signature sauce, bell pepper, onion, tomato, corn, and black olives.

I can eat these everyday... 🙂 - photo by: Mishale Aragoncillo

It’s a whopping 36″ sliced into 24 slices. Among the 4 flavors, I liked the El Buono Special best. Blasts of flavors filled my mouth as I take every bite. The special sauce matches the Pinoy taste which is really GOOD. The crust is thin but I wish they could make a thinner version.

There’s 4 of us in our team and we were only able to finish 1/4 of the pizza. My mind says “eat more” but my tummy couldn’t handle another slice. Good thing they divided the pizza and placed in small boxes for us to bring home.

Below is the brick oven used for cooking “the world’s largest pizza” that is deliverable. According to Sir Lance, some restaurants only make large-sized pizza for the world record and their restaurant is different because they make the largest pizza that is sellable and could be enjoyed by customers.

the "mean" machine...strong enough to handle the biggest pizza

Though a number of pizza restaurants tried to serve large sized pizza, Sir Lance claimed El Buono to be the pioneer in making the biggest pizza in the Philippines. When asked about their edge with other pizza places, he said it’s the size and the taste. People will patronize pizza not only because it’s big but because they like the taste.

Sir Lance of El Buono Pizza- photo by: Mishale Aragoncillo

Whether you’re up for a challenge or just wanna have fun, you can try this game: Beer Pong – a beer drinking game for added fun in your drinking sessions.

El Buono in Parañaque have tournaments every Thurs/Fri and Regular games from Sun-Wed. We were able to watch a few games from the qualifications, down to quarter finals. We left the restaurant around past 12mn and semi finals hasn’t started yet. Jared, the organizer of the Beer Pong tournament said tournaments end around 3am.

Champions for every tournament get a shirt with a “Teammate” and El Buono logo or 1 grand cash… Most winners choose the shirt instead of moolah.  😛


BTW, El Buono Makati and Parañaque offer this EAT ALL YOU CAN Promo for only P299. Read the mechanics below.

All you can eat for P299!!!

It’s me and the pizza guy with the star of the night… the 36″ pizza.

It’s definitely a clap…clap…clap… for El Buono Pizza. See you again soon!

El Buono is open for franchise. You may contact the numbers below for inquiries.

El Buono Pizza

Mandaluyong: 500 Boni Ave. Corner San Rafael St.

Makati: Makati Cinema Square

Parañaque: 154 Aguirre St., BF Homes

Cavite: Congressional Road, Dasmariñas

Soon to open: Quezon City branch and San Pablo branch


Contact: 519-1111/ 519-2222

403-1528/ 403-1575


27 responses to “El Buono Pizza- B.F Homes, Parañaque

    • hi chic-chic! i suggest you contact el buono for more info about pizza delivery via text. thanks for dropping by. 🙂
      the largest pizza is about 7,995 for the 65 inches pizza that’s about 600 good for 150-200 people.

    • hi jayson! you may call El Buono Pizza for inquiries about promotions. i’m sure they’ll be glad to assist you and answer your questions. thanks for dropping by.

    • hi andrew! i’m not connected with el buono in any way. pls contact 4094588
      thanks for dropping by.

    • I saw this info on el buno’s facebook page. you might want to try calling the following numbers. i hope this helps -154 Aguirre St., BF Homes, Pque. 519-1111/519-2222

    • hi angela! i’m not updated about the current price list. i suggest you call the cavite branch to make sure you get the correct information. tnx for dropping by!

  1. may gift certificate kami pero dine in lang.. anytime/anyday ba pwedeng gamitin to? san branch ang pinakamalapit sa valenzuela? thanks..:))

    • Hi mary grace! Ang nearest branch is the one in QC, sa tomas morato branch. Just to make sure na magamit mo yung gift certificate, please contact el buono.

      Tomas Morato Branch
      61 Scout Rallos St. cor. Tomas Morato St., Quezon City
      Metro Manila, Philippines

      Phone Number
      (+63 2) 409-4588, (+63 2) 791-8647, (+63 917) 367-3318.

      Operating Hours
      Sunday to Thursday: 10:00am to 2:00am
      Friday to Saturday: 10:00am to 4:00am

    • I’m sorry i dont have the contact number for el buono cavite. This may be helpful though. This is the number in makati. They probably have the number for cavite’s branch.
      4746 Balderama Street corner South Super Highway, Makati City
      (02) 227 5269

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