Penong’s Barbecue Seafood & Grill- Quirino Ave., Davao City

Penong’s Barbecue Seafood & Grill is ” the #1 Barbecue House in Davao.” Well, that’s what it says in their banner. I’ve read about how good the chicken inasal is and how their customer service sucks before flying to Davao. Good or bad, I wanted to try it myself. After landing at the Davao airport, we headed to Elle’s Pension House owned by the Mangaoils. We checked out nearby stores and restaurants and lucky enough we found Penong’s grill -Quirino branch just blocks away from the pension house.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by some wait staff having their lunch, others were busy wiping the tables, and I saw a couple of ’em sleeping. We arrived around 1pm and the restaurant was empty; I thought they were closed or we just came in early. We then went inside an air-conditioned room since it was freaking hot that day. A wait staff readily followed us and handed the menu.

Without batting an eyelash, I ordered for the Inato meal 5 (Php 92) that comes with a jumbo sized chicken inato and pork barbecue, unlimited rice and soup. Baloogs had Sinugbang Pusit (Php152) and bottomless rice (php16), plus the Adobong Kangkong (Php 63) for sharing. We added a pitcher of Iced Tea for Php 42.

It took more than 30 min for our food to be served. I was able to take pictures of the restaurant, cross the street to buy prepaid load, and up to the time I came back, our food wasn’t served still. I try to understand that it takes a lot of time to grill meat but they should’ve at least served our drinks while waiting.

On the table:

Here’s the Sinugbang Pusit with atchara on the side. The grilled squid is stuffed with onion, tomato, ginger and spring onion. I was expecting a bigger size of serving for its price. I could get grilled squid way cheaper than this in Manila.

The squid, however, is soft and easy to chew. I didn’t enjoy it much since it has too much onion and tomatoes in it that overpowers the taste of the squid.

In contrast, the serving of the Adobong Kangkong is more than expected. It’s probably good for up to 4 persons. We couldn’t finish it. It has too much pepper and ginger which again, was overpowering. We were disappointed about ordering this dish.

Then came my chicken inato and pork bbq. It’s fantastic. I like the char and the golden brown color of the skin. The juicy meat was cooked well. I dipped it in soy sauce with calamansi and chowed it in no time.

I like the chicken skin, as always. It was sweet, similar to tocino. I think vinegar with chili would be the best match for this just to balance the taste.

The pork bbq tastes the same. There was just 3 small pieces of it which left it unnoticeable. The soup wasn’t served. I had to remind the wait staff that the soup is included in the meal.

The chicken is good…but in my opinion, the chicken inasals I’ve tried in Manila tasted better than Penong’s. I give it one clap though for the good taste of chicken and the cleanliness of the place.   🙂

Penong’s Barbecue Seafood and Grill


Ilustre Branch
Ilustre St., Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 221 8390

Matina Branch
McArthur Highway, In Front of Southern Motors,
Matina, Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 297 2674

Sta. Ana Branch
Sta. Ana Ave., In Front of Davao Central High School,
Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 221 9280

Matina Gallera Branch
McArthur Highway, Beside Matina Gallera
Matina, Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 298 1005

Quirino Branch
Quirino Ave., Cor. Mabini St.,
Davao City, Philippines
Telefax No. (082) 282 2088

Buhangin Branch
Buhangin District, In Front of Ladislawa Entrance,
Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 221 7308

Toril Branch
Toril District,
Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 295 1171

Lanang Branch
J.P. Laurel Ave., In front of Toyota Motors
Lanang, Davao City, Philippines
Tel. No. (082) 234 9718


5 responses to “Penong’s Barbecue Seafood & Grill- Quirino Ave., Davao City

  1. attempted to eat at the toril branch it was way bad attempted to send it back but thy refused and charged me for food not fit to eat

    • Elle’s Pension house is in A&J Building, that’s in Mt. Apo st cor Gen. Luna st.
      For reservations, pls contact (082) 221-8499, 221-2637.
      Room rates starts at Php700. It’s clean, safe, and very near commercial establishments.

  2. had a BAD EXPERIENCE at Penongs QUIRINO, we eat at night of 03-13-13, upon reaching our home we noticed that the total was too big vs. our orders, so we make a complain immediately the following night dated 03-14-13…was able to talk the manager named ROB, instead of tracing and checking the order slips and ask their waiters right away, iyang sulti di pa daw dayon ma check, it takes 5 days for us to wait, kay busy daw daghan customer sa araw ng dabaw, he always blamed us the incident, sulti pa niya next time daw dili daw ana dapat, INSIST JUD SIYA NGA NA SERVE DAW KAY NAAY ORDER SLIP, mao lang iya gibasehan? ang pag CANCELL di niya icheck…WTF………THE MANAGER HAS NO GOOD CUSTOMER- SERVICE RELATIONSHIP AND HE IS NOT AN APPROACHABLE ONE…the refund was made march 18 monday na at noontime, murag di pa jud siya mo accept nga mali nila, kay gisultian pako ug iya nalang daw i refund (in doubt pa)……

    WALA NAY NEXT TIME KAY DILI NAMI MUBALIK DIHA, DAGHAN BRANCHES KAADTUAN, i share pa namo sa uban ang incident………diha pa naman mi pirmi nagakaon.

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