Majid’s Persian Kababs- Rizal St., Davao City

It was the last night the Araw ng Dabaw 2011 celebration; we tracked where the thumping sounds came from and it led us to Rizal St. Light and Sound systems were set up for the street party. Before hitting the dance floor we had snacks at Majid’s Persian Kabab which is right across Rizal Promenade. As people gathered, we sat down and chowed down the famous kabab in Davao City.

The 25 to 30 seater hole in the wall owned by a former Hollywood stuntman serves delicious yet affordable Middle Eastern dishes. Photos of Majid (the owner) with actors he worked with were posted on the wall, an interesting décor other than the photos of food on their menu.

On the table:


Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kebab consists of grilled chicken breast chunks. It comes with grilled tomato and pita bread. I like the lean chicken meat; juicy, tender, and well seasoned.

Add the garlic sauce and hot sauce to complete that kabab meal.

Beef Kabab

Same as the chicken kebab, this meal comes with grilled juicy tomato and pita bread. The Beef Kabab consists of ground beef marinated with the right mixture of spices. The beef tastes good in every bite; the flavor is fantastic. It has the right blend of spices, not overpowering.

Beef Cholo Kabab

The Beef Cholo Kabab has two servings of grilled beek kabab, grilled juicy tomato and a cup of rice with butter on top. I read some reviews that Majid’s used to serve grape/date/apricot seed as added spices for the kabab. I didn’t see it on the table. I haven’t tried grape seed on my kebab…i’m curious about the taste.

When in Davao City and you crave for a kabab, visit Majid’s Persian Kabab… you get the value for your money, absolutely no frills. They’re open Mondays to Saturdays, 11:30am til 10pm.

Majid’s Persian Kababs


J. Rizal Street, Davao City

Contact#: 3054134 / +6382 2862090

3/F Gaisano Mall
JP Laurel Ave, Davao City


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