Uncle Cheffy “Snack&Treat Buy 1, Take 1” Promo- Alimall, Cubao

Wooohoooo!!! Uncle Cheffy’s awesome treat was definitely a great deal. We had oven baked panizza – All Meat Barbecued and Uncle Cheffy Favorites…plus ice cold beer and chilled lemon juice.

All Meat Barbecued panizza (Large-Php450) is topped with beef teriyaki, pork, chicken barbecue, onion, chili flakes, and 3 cheese.

Uncle Cheffy Favorites include oven dried tomatoes, mushroom, garlic, anchovy, chili flakes, basil, and 3 cheese.

How to enjoy eating a panizza:

– get a strip of the panizza (a large rectangular thin crust pizza cut diagonally).

-lay down some greens (lettuce, alfalfa, arugula)

-top it with salsa

-put some hot sauce if you want it hotttt…

-roll it

-sink your teeth into that panizza roll and feel the flavor burst in yer mouth.  YUMMMM!!!

Notes: best match to the panizza is a their homemade iced tea…ice cold beer…or their chilled lemon juice


MORE TO COME!!! Promo ends Sept. 30, 2011… i’ll be back.


3 responses to “Uncle Cheffy “Snack&Treat Buy 1, Take 1” Promo- Alimall, Cubao

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