Lateral Drift Championship- Round 8 – Parang, Marikina

Screaming engines and smoking tires of cars in maximum lateral acceleration ‘wowed’ the crowd as skillful drivers battled for the title— 2011 Lateral Drift Champion.

It was Round 8 of the Lateral Drift Championship held in Parang, Marikina. I was ecstatic when I found out about the event; I’ve watched drifting exhibitions from car shows but this particular event was different because I was able to watch it up close. Thanks to PLDT MyDsl for the invite. Big thanks also to Mon Rayos and the rest of the team who organized the event. I had a spectacular view of the track as I was seated next to the judges. Hehehe…

The announcers constantly reminded the audience not to hold onto the bars/barriers for safety reasons. Car drifting is an exciting sport but it can also be dangerous. Overall, it’s about the excitement… the adrenaline rush it brings… as engines revved up from the starting line up to the time it exits the track.

Congratulations to Round 8 Winners:

1st place: Gio Rodriguez

2nd place: Mike Tuason

3rd place: Pao Agregado

Follow up:

Round 9 Winners:

1st place: Gio Rodriguez

2nd place: Audel Sison

3rd place: Kevin Tayao


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