Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant – Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City

It’s been months since I last hung out with my friend Sharon so we made a plan of meeting up with former colleagues in Katipunan and having dinner afterward. She suggested we go to Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant. She told me I would enjoy taking photos of the place since it’s filled with interesting Philippine memorabilias. She’s absolutely right! It’s a blast from the past. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the things that reminded me of my childhood. I sounded too old with the previous statement… hehehe… I particularly liked the collection of old bottles, comic books, local games like dama and sungka. There are so many things that make this place worth visiting.

We were welcomed by the wait staff who led us to our table. I forgot to get ask her name but she’s friendly and accommodating. She checked if we were ready to place our order, she answered all questions we got about their best- sellers… with a smile. She checked on us from time to time to see if there’s anything we need. Oh…only if I got her name… this lady needs to be commended for doing her job very well. I have her photo at the bottom of the page.¬† ūüôā

We browsed the menu and searched for something we rarely eat or something we have not tried yet. We then had a tour of the restaurant as we waited for our food. Our wait staff for the night cheerfully showed us the antique collections such as newspaper articles, Filipino national costume, photos of celebrities and beauty queens, as well as glassware and metal decorations. Soon after, our dinner was served.


On the table


For starters, we had Sweet and Spicy Dilis (Php 37). It has brown sugar and chopped red chili that’s simply irresistible. I mixed this crunchy appetizer on my plain rice for some twist. It could be a perfect match for beer.

Tokwa Rebosado (Php 120). This is the only vegan entree we had. The golden brown tofu patties are crispy outside. I enjoyed eating this dish together with its salsa, however, I was thinking a tartar dip or some other sauce as an alternative would also match the tofu. This dish was the first one to get swiped out.

When I read on the menu there’s Rellenong Bangus, I instantly told the wait staff to prepare one for us. I miss my grandma’s Rellenong Bangus. It takes a lot of patience, effort, and clear eye vision to come up with this dish. Preparing it may be time consuming but remember: well prepared food is quality food.

I find Adarna’s Old Fashioned Rellenong Bangus (Php 175) okay.¬† It’s missing some flavor and it’s also too oily. I was expecting of a taste I was accustomed to. I’m not quite sure if it’s the sweetness of the raisin my grandma adds on her Relleno recipe. BTW, it came with a serving of home-made atchara which gives life to this dish.¬† The sweet and tangy guava juice I had was a perfect match for this fish meal.

We tried on something exotic. As the menu says Piassok (P335) is beef dish from Sulu. It’s an exquisite dish that comprises of different cooking techniques for preparing it – beef chunks are slow-cooked in smoked coconut cream and ten spices, then buttered, grilled, then sliced.

I swear the meat is really tender! I could slice, bite, and chew the meat with ease. The taste of the coconut cream is prominent in every bite.

We had ice cold Gulaman at Sago (Php 65) and Guava Shake ( Php 85 for all fruit shakes).


We had Platanillos con Manga (Php 165) for dessert. It’s crepe with smooth cream filling and topped with rhum-buttered mango. Thumbs up for this sweet, creamy, and tangy delight.

Just as we were about to finish our meal, Chi came and joined us for dinner. She ordered Adobong Batangas ala Adarna (Php 240).

To cap the night, Sha and Chi ordered green tea and coffee. I like the classic designed mugs and coffee cups they used.

We had a chance to speak with one of the owners of Adarna, Chef Giney Villar. Thanks for sharing your time with us, Chef Giney!

It’s a clap clap for Adarna Food and Culture for the good food and excellent service. I congratulate the owners Beth Angsioco and Chef Giney Villar for conceptualizing a restaurant/venue for people to discover, relive, and appreciate Filipino food and culture.




Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant


Address: 119 Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Mobile: +632 926-8712
Mobile: +63 917 961 8113




Likha Isip Daloy @ Adarna – Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City

Be part of this unusual celebration of Filipino Arts and Culture.

It’s a Filipino fair to discover/rediscover our cultural heritage.

See you on Saturday, November 26.

6pm onwards.

Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant

119 Kalayaan Avenue, 1101 Quezon City, Philippines

Bono Yaki Family Restaurant- Libis

Two big events in one day. First was the Canon Photomarathon 2011 held in Pasay City.¬† My nephew Vandyke and I, together with more than 2,000 photographers, participated in the event. We woke up 4:30am and ate hot pandesal and spanish bread for breakfast. I brought some chips and bottled water for snacks because I knew it would be an exhausting day; the contest required a lot of walking aside from photography skills.¬† Lunch and snacks were provided during the event. We had 1pc chicken from Mang Inasal and cup noodles for merienda. We left the place 5:30pm for a family dinner in Libis as it was my niece’s 2nd birthday- the 2nd big event of the day. Traffic was heavy that we arrived past 6:30pm in Bono Yaki Family Restaurant.

What welcomed me was the spread of Asian dishes that are festive to the eyes. The sight and aroma of the food seemed to liven up my tired body.  I immediately brought out my camera and took photos of the buffet table.

They have a wide selection of dishes to enjoy… from soup, appetizers, salad, viands, and dessert.¬† You can start your meal with a Pumpkin soup or Crab and Corn soup. Both were hot, thick, and tasty.

There’s a salad station with the freshest veggies and greens. Mix and match the ingredients and¬† dressings for your salad. They have also prepared Caesar salad, potato salad, and coleslaw… all you have to do is dig in.

Right beside the salad station, you can find 19 different kinds of maki/rolls. There’s the famous California Maki and Philadelphia roll. There’s Black Mamba roll, Tempura Maki, and Norwegian roll, to name a few.

Next is the dimsum and steamed seafood (crabs,etc) station. Siomai dumplings and hakao (shrimp dumplings) are steamed on bamboo baskets. (Note: Hakao disappears instantly, they are so good!)

On the other end of the center table are some Asian dishes like Spareribs Salt and Pepper, Chicken Lollipop, Butter Garlic Chicken, and Tempura. It extends to one side of the center table where Jap Chae Korean stir fried glass noodles, mixed veggies, beef brisket, and pork ribs, etc. are. There’s a lot of food choices I wasn’t able to take photo of that part of the table… Ooops…

Oh! There’s also this small wooden ship filled with appetizers, cucumbers, sashimi and kani sticks. It’s colorful and creatively done no one wanted to touch it.

My eyes were fixated on this side of the table that I didn’t bother to try other dishes. As much as I wanted to try everything, my tummy was already filled with the “good stuff” a.k.a. all the meat I grilled. There’s rib eye marinated & plain, beef belly marinated & plain, pork belly marinated & plain, pork bbq, chicken teriyaki, yakiniku pork, gizzard bbq, chicken bbq and salmon belly.

I grilled bacon wrapped veggies and sprouts, pork bbq, chicken bbq and about 1/4 kilo of marinated rib eye and salmon belly. I ate it straight off the grill together with some fried rice.  *drooool*

Food is best enjoyed with family and friends. We shared stories and jokes, I took more photos, and teased those who already had 4 or more plates. I was still grilling and eating my favorite bacon and ribeye while most of them are already enjoying their desserts. I could hardly stand up now. (This is true!) I asked my nephew to get me 4 different kinds of desserts and these  were the ones he got for me.- choco bar (jello like), another jello (pink/yellow), mango graham, and pudding. It was okay. Not so sweet. The dessert line up is something they can improve on.

There’s ice cream with different toppings you can add on. There are mini cupcakes, I didn’t get to try. That’s reserved for my next visit. There’s halohalo and maja. There’s marshmallow and mini peanut butter cookies you can dip on the chocolate fondue. I like the cookies and the bitter sweet taste of the chocolate¬† dip… yum!!!

We were surprised when the staff greeted my niece with a birthday song. Thank you Bono Yaki. You made Vyone’s 2nd birthday extra special.

I like the ambiance, the good quality of the food, the friendly staff. The service is one of a kind. There will always be someone to assist you.

Bono Yaki is a perfect place for casual type family dining. It delivers great dining experience to customers with the quality of service they give matched with the delicious food and great atmosphere. I enjoyed my experience so much. It’s obviously a clap, clap, clap for Bono Yaki.

Make your reservation now!!!¬†¬† ūüôā

Bono Yaki Family Restaurant

Address: 2/f Corby Building, Bagumbayan Libis Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Number: 6554353/ 631-0556

Mon – Fri: 12:00 pm 2:30 pm
6:00 pm 10:30 pm
Sat: 11:30 am 2:30 pm
5:30 pm 10:00 pm
Sun: 11:30 am 2:30 pm
5:30 pm 10:30 pm

Banapple – Katipunan too (Blue Ridge)

Last Sunday, after hearing mass, my friend and I went to Banapple for lunch. It was our first time to dine at Banapple since the last few times we’ve been there, we ordered our cakes for carry out.

I made sure I brought along my camera. I knew I would be taking photos of the unique thematic interior of the restaurant. The soft-soothing tones of the walls and curtains give its customers a wonderful cozy feeling of home.   The decorations, porcelain figures, and colorful glass marbled tables are pleasant to the eyes and truly inviting.

Known for their cheesecakes and pies, Banapple also serves sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals. I already had in mind what to order… I’ve been craving for bbq ribs for the past few days. Nonetheless, we still asked the waitstaff for their best-sellers.

On the table:

Caesar Salad is one of our favorite salads and is a usual request when we dine out. Though there are a number of variations on preparing it, we like the simple, traditional way of making it. Banapple serves Super Caesar Salad (Php 120) and the menu described it as “an all time favorite salad made more scrumptious with pecan praline bits”. Quite intriguing. I haven’t tried Caesar salad with pecan. Well, it tasted good! It gave a sweet caramelized nutty taste to the dish. YUMMY!

One of the best-sellers for sandwiches is the Migs Gallabergher (Php 170) sandwich served with potato chips. Right in between those buns is a juicy and herby all beef patty with lettuce, onion rings, melted cheese, and a special sauce. The garlic-sour cream- barbecue sauce gives a sweet and tangy combination of flavors that somewhat overpowered the meat.

There’s just so many things going on in the mouth for every bite; a burst of flavors coming from the herb, meat, cheese and the sauce somewhat like a “complete chaos”.¬† The sauce was just too much for the palate.

A closer look at the patty. Herby and peppery taste. -not so happy about it.

I was excited to order the Hickory smoked barbecued country ribs (Php 185). Description on the menu says “extra tender country ribs grilled in hickory smoke, glazed with our hickory barbecue sauce”

There are about 3-4 big chunks of meat slathered with barbecue sauce on the platter which I was delighted about. What made me disappointed with this dish is that the barbecue sauce was too tangy. Barbecue sauce should be smoky, sweet, and tangy but not too tangy. I ate some salad in between and drank water to wash down my palate.

The first chunk I sliced was tender and easy to bite. Sad to say, some parts of the meat were tough. They gave my jaw muscles some exercise.

The Fudge Banana Smoothie (Php 105) is sweet and chocolatey. It’s good and a perfect match to wash down our palate from the tangy sauces of the meals we had.

This is the Cadbury Old Gold Oreo Cheesecake (P135). A cheesecake with thick Oreo crust, creamy filling, and¬† a layer of Cadbury chocolate is truly golden! Just like what a cheesecake should be, Banapple’s Cadbury old gold oreo cheesecake is mild-tasting and it has the¬† right amount of sweetness and creaminess. Each bite tickles the taste buds with its sweet chocolatey taste.

It may not be a perfect lunch but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a perfect dinner. Heheheh…

Overall, I give Banapple two claps… for the ambiance, cleanliness, and friendly staff who readily refilled our glasses with water, for the good food (salad and dessert) and size of servings. I have yet to try other items on the menu.¬† And I promise to give you a feedback on that. ‘Til next time!

Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes

Blue Ridge, 206 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City +63 2 438 2675

225 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City  +63 2 439 2675

2/L Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City 1103  +63 2 413 2675

Ayala Triangle Gardens, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City  +64 2 756 2675

 47 Connecticut St., 2nd level, Northeast Square, Northeast Greenhills  +63 2 477 2675

Best Food Forward 2- Food and Travel Series

With the overwhelming success of the very first Best Food Forward held last 2-3 April 2011, and due to insistent public demand, BEST FOOD FORWARD is back!

I couldn’t contain myself when I received an email about this great news! I am one of the thousands of foodies who enjoyed the BFF event last April and I can hardly wait for the next one. Best Food Forward 2 will definitely be more exciting as the best Food and Travel deals in the country will be offered by BFF2 participants.

BFF2 is set to be staged on March 24-25,2012, 10am to 8pm, at the NBC Tent. An approximate number of more than 5,000 participants are expected for this 2 day food and travel fair.

***If you are a foodie and you want to try out sumptuous dishes… you should mark your calendar and don’t miss out this gastronomic feast. New and upcoming products will be offered on the event. Definitely a lot of food choices to enjoy.

***If you are a traveler wanting to grab the greatest travel deals… don’t think twice… mark your calendar and get ready to pack your bags for some summer fun.

***If you are a food entrepreneur and you want to showcase your product. This is the perfect place for you to shine as foodies, media, family, and friends will all be attending this grand event. Whip up your best recipe because we all want to fill our tummies with the best food in town.

***For families and friends who want some place to bond and enjoy the summer season, I promise you total satisfaction as fun activities and booths will be available for you and your kids to enjoy.

SEE YOU ON MARCH 24-25, 2012!!!

To learn more about the event, you may contact:

Timmie Hilado‚Ä®


Best Food Forward

Tel  +632 2119644      

MobileNo  +639177941984