New City Food House- Kalayaan Ave.

After a quick photo shoot in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, we had dinner in New City Food House located along the bustling street  scene of Kalayaan Avenue.

At a distance, the restaurant looked like a “pub house” with its dimmed interior and bricked walls. The place wasn’t packed when we arrived yet it took some time before a wait staff came to our table.

We quickly browsed the menu and had our orders taken. New City offers Filipino-Chinese dishes. There’s a lot of food choices but we decided to try their best sellers.

On the table:

Pancit Sotanghon is a complete meal. It has a generous serving of meat and vegetable toppings that goes well with the sotanghon noodles. We squeezed in some calamansi and enjoyed this savory dish with our heart’s content.

Kikiam is known by many as a street food but this kikiam is different as it is more flavorful because of the kind of ingredients used. It is served with a sweet and tangy sauce that’s good tasting as well.

Shanghai Rice is fried rice with peas, carrots, mushroom, scrambled egg, and ham. You may opt for small (single) or regular (good for 2-3) serving.

Chopsuey is a sauteed mixed vegetable dish with other added ingredients like meat or seafood. The chopsuey that was served to us has shrimps, beef and liver. The veggies were crunchy and delicious. One can never go wrong with this dish as it is fresh, light, and filling. The serving is good for sharing.

The highlight of the night is the Buttered Chicken which is one of New City’s best sellers. We were almost done with our meal when it was served. I wonder why it took them so long to prepare this dish…. hmmm…

I was expecting brown colored sauce like with the other buttered chicken I have tasted but this version came out red. At one bite, I could taste the butter and garlic and some sort of ketchup/Worcestershire sauce  in my mouth. It’s like fried chicken with a crispy coating and a tender juicy meat. It was worth the wait.

Note: When you eat this dish you need extra cups of rice to go with it… so yeah… I ordered an extra cup. (Read: Carbs).

It’s so good we finished the whole dish in a snap. Yum!

If you are in a mood for affordable and delicious Filipino-Chinese and you’re around the area of Kalayaan Ave., go ahead and try New City Food House. Food is really affordable, our bill was less than Php 550 (pancit, kikiam, chopsuey, buttered chicken, shanghai rice, 2 cups plain rice, 2 glasses calamansi juice, and 1 glass of iced tea.

Make sure you come in an hour early for lunch and dinner time because the place gets really crowded and there’s not enough parking space during peak hours .

New City Food House (Main)

Address: 16 Kalayaan Ave., Diliman

Quezon City, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 433-7852