Chicken Charlie- Katipunan Ave.

Here’s an addition to my ‘double fried chicken hype’ experience. Jr, Cy, Van, and I had a late dinner at Chicken Charlie- Katipunan branch. It’s another attempt to find the best tasting double fried chicken in town.

On the table:

We started off with the Potato Wedges (Php 49). What I liked about it was the crispy skin. It gives an extra crunch in every bite.

Their version of Cheesestick Dynamite (8pcs -Php 99) is deep fried, wanton wrapped chili with cream cheese. It was a bit disappointing because the menu said 8pcs so we thought we’d be getting 8 whole pieces of chili (as mentioned also on their website Chicken Charlie – MENU), but we only got 4 chilis cut in halves.

For the taste, It’s a s0-s0… I’d munch on the potato wedges instead.

My nephew Vandyke had Charlie’s Bowl (Php 59). You can upgrade this to a meal by adding Php15 for a glass of iced tea. Charlie’s Bowl is bowl of steamed rice topped with crunchy chicken strips in soy-garlic sauce. He like it so much his bowl was wiped out in an instant.

And now, for the main star of the evening… Chicken Charlie’s double-fried chicken. Inspired by Korean style cooking, chicken is lightly battered and double fried to take out the fat, resulting to a super crispy chicken wing/drumstick. It is then glazed with soy garlic sauce or hot sweet sauce.

We had Combo 2: 3 drumsticks + 6 chicken wings (Php 315). This came with a serving of pickled radish. Extra serving costs (Php 20).


The serving wasn’t enough for the group because “wings” in Chicken Charlie means splitting an actual wing in half.  They separated the drumstick like part and the wing. 6 wings = 3 wings cut in half.

We like the crunchiness and the flavor so much we didn’t mind how small the serving was. We ordered another basket of chicken wings.


The pickled radish is a perfect partner when chowing down korean style fried chicken. The combination gives an addicting taste, a mix of salty and spicy, briny and sweet. Hot and crunchy chicken plus the cold and tender radish bring fireworks in my mouth. Irresistible!


I give Chicken Charlie clap, clap, clap for good tasting double fried chicken I couldn’t get over with. In fact, I want to go to Katipunan now for some chicken charlie fix. Price is still lower compared to other double fried chicken stores in the metro. I just wish the serving would be bigger. uh-huh… i wish…


Chicken Charlie


Address: 317 Katipunan Avenue, Loyala Heights QC
Contact Number: 921-6162/ 0923-1656170
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm


Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe- Katipunan

How do you relax after a long day? As for me, I just eat and eat and eat. It was a bit more challenging this time because the fridge is empty and no one cooked dinner. My friend M and I have been working in front of the computer for hours, we definitely deserve a good meal. To give our strained eyes a break, I asked her out for dinner. We hailed a cab and drove along Katipunan Avenue. The sign Mom & Tina’s caught my attention. In an instant, I told the driver to drop us there. I heard good things about this bakery cafe and I thought we should give it a shot.

Inside has a cozy country feel—with wooden tables adorned with flowers in bronze cans, cushioned seats, dimmed lights, with walls decorated with blue and white china and lace doilies. The area is quite small, seats are close together one could actually hear the conversation from the next table. The place is a perfect after school-hang out place for students from nearby universities. Families and friends can enjoy great tasting homey comfort meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

On the table:

While waiting for our meals to arrive, we quenched our thirst with ice cold blue lemonade (bottomless: Php70) and lemon iced tea (bottomless Php 70). The waitstaff was kind enough to give us a glass of water together with our drinks.

We skipped on soup and salad and starters; I chose a pasta dish and a potato instead. As recommended by the waitstaff, I ordered Shepherd’s pie and Chicken Spinach Lasagna… their bestsellers.

Shepherd’s Pie (P195) is a casserole made of ground beef and mushrooms in a creamy tomato  based sauce topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. It is served with 2 garlic cheese rolls that best compliments the creamy and meaty taste of the dish. It is a delightful potato dish that is a meal in itself.

The Chicken Spinach Lasagna (Php 175) consists of homemade spinach pasta with chicken, tomato, and cream sauce. It’s so flavorful and filling. I could actually feel the warmth and texture of the lasagna, beef, and mushrooms as I savor every bite. This dish is lip smacking good! It came with 2 garlic cheese rolls.

M wanted to eat rice, so we ordered for Salisbury Steak (Quarter lb- Php230) as recommended by the waitstaff. It wasn’t disappointing, as we enjoyed the grilled sirloin patty, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. They give a generous serving of gravy that covered the patty and mashed potato. It came with a cup of rice that we could hardly finish. The serving is good for sharing. I like this dish the most. It is insanely delicious!!! It’s no wonder this hearty meal is one of their bestsellers!

We had no room for dessert, but I could not resist the cakes and pastries displayed on the counter. We shared a cup of Toblerone Walnut Torte (Php 110). I wanted to see what’s underneath so I tipped the cup over and let the cake fall on the plate.

The cake looks kinda messed up now. Hahaha… Well now we can see the layers of meringue, chocolate cream, whipped cream, walnut and small toblerone chunks. Sweet Heaven! Definitely a must try!

If you are for warm, homey, rich, and hearty meals, head on to Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe. I give it a clap, clap, clap, for their great tasting food.

Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe

Address:  2/F Regis Center (Katipunan Ave.), Quezon City

Dampa sa River Banks- Marikina

I’ve heard about this Dampa sa Marikina and would personally want to try it out, so I brought my family there for dinner the other night. I was thinking Dampa like the ones in Macapagal and Libis, unfortunately, the size of the Dampa in Marikina isn’t quite so near.

There are more or less 12 stalls in the area, each with color coded tables guests can occupy. It is overlooking the Marikina River (ampitheater side); perfect place for dining al fresco.

We looked around for what type of food they offer and found out it’s mostly grilled/inihaw. We settled and decided to have our food ordered at Fortune Grill.

Price is cheap and they cook your food upon order. They give freebies “Mangga with bagoong” and soup “Sinigang sa Miso”.

This is what we ordered for:

2 pusit (Large 130 each) – 260

1 chicken (3pcs in a skewer) – 70

1 tilapia-  70

1 bangus- 90

2 liempo (70 each) – 140

1 sisig – 70

5 cups of rice- 50

1.5L Coke- 60

Total: 810


I knew we ordered to much. There were six of us and we were completely full. We miss grilled food and this satisfied our craving.

If you are around the area, go ahead and try Dampa in Marikina. You get real value for your money.






Address: A. Bonifacio Ave, Riverbanks Mall
Marikina, Metro Manila