Carinderia Buffet- V.Luna

This is probably the cheapest buffet restaurant in Quezon City. It opened with a P99 pesos price tag then added a few more bucks the following year. What’s awesome about dining here is that there’s no time restriction, unlike other buffet places that gives a time limit of 2 or 3 hours.

We arrived just in time for dinner and a number of customers were coming in. Ambiance is rustic and cozy. Don’t expect fancy interiors or food presentation as this place is styled with simple Filipino decorations.

The dishes they offer are Filipino home-cooked meals you can also find in a carinderia. They have all sorts of fried fish- galunggong, tilapia, etc. There’s lumpia  and fried chicken.

They have sarciado, dinuguan, menudo, afritada, tokwa’t baboy, binagoongan,  adobong pusit, bopis, and more.

Breakfast items are also offered such as the longganisa and tortang talong.

Watch out your cholesterol level as some food items are oily and have more fat than meat content.

For dessert, they offer minatamis na saging, gulaman, and ginataang halo halo.

I had ginisang petchay, adobong pusit, tortang talong, longganisa, and binagoongan for my 1st plate. My 2nd plate had menudo and friend chicken, and a few more longganisa. I wasn’t able to try everything on the spread as I was full drinking bottomless pineapple juice (plus Php 45).

If you are in Quezon City, particularly near V. Luna, go drop by Carinderia Buffet for a tummy-filling lunch or dinner. This is the place to dine if you are on a budget.  🙂

Note: Carinderia Buffet also accepts reservations as a party venue for Birthdays, Christening, and other special occasions. Feel free to contact them anytime using the number posted below.

Update: June 8, 2012- I was here this afternoon, buffet price is now Php 144 per head…vat inclusive.

Note: They are open from 10:30-2pm and 5:30-9:30.


Carinderia Buffet

Contact: Ms. Minie Bergado

Address: Mabilis St. corner V. Luna Road, Quezon City
Contact No.: 435-9196

38 responses to “Carinderia Buffet- V.Luna

    • please kindlly give ur other contact number, were trying to contact ur number attached here but out of order. thanks

  1. hi marynille! i called in carinderia buffet to double check on your inquiry. i was informed that they are open from 10:30-2pm and 5:30-9:30.
    thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    • Hi Lovely. I think you should just inform them the number of people and the time you will be there. To be sure, pls call the number posted. thanks!

  2. sabi ng ate ko naka close daw po ang carinderia buffet.. ano po un for renovation?? kelan po kaya ulit magbubukas?? or for closure na po sila…

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