Weekend Warriors in Bulacan

We survived this trip and reached our destination by the power of “Asking for Directions”. We probably had more than 5 stop overs to ask where Hagonoy is. We missed 2 exits in NLEX and had to drive back south and exit at Sta. Rita.

Carla, Kuya Art, and I were on a quest for some seafood. It turned out to be a lot more fun than anticipated as we discovered interesting places.

Now, the power of “Bargaining” got us the best deals. Three buckets of seafood and we’re good to go. On our way home, we passed by Malolos and took photos of the Barasoain Church. Yep, that church you see on the old 20 peso bill.



Thinking what else to see in Bulacan, chicharon came to my mind. We drove to Sta. Maria for some BACK FAT action.


Oh, and we get to adore some antique houses too.


After all, I can say that it was an awesome 12-hour weekend trip. Tired…but happy.

To Jay, may chicharon ako for you. ūüôā


Thanks to Kuya and Ate Liza sa masarap na lunch and sa pagsama sa amin maghanap ng seafood. Sa uulitin po.


GMA Makulay ang Buhay Photo Contest 2012 WINNERS




Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Shakey’s Prima Lasagna Bundle

I’ve been craving for lasagna since last week. Happy to find out about this promo. Wohooo! This awesome bundle is good for 5 persons and it’s only for Php 995.

Chip in Php 199 each, and you get to enjoy a large thin crust Italian Sausage, 5 pc Buddy pack Chicken n’ Mojos, a pitcher of Coke, and of course… the Prima Lasagna Platter.

Now that’s a great deal!


What are you waiting for? Stop staring at your computer screen. Go to shakey’s now.¬†¬† ūüôā


*photo taken from shakeys facebook account

Campsite Philippines: Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort- Bulacan

In this day and age, children are rarely seen playing with their friends in the park/playground. The games my friends and I used to play like tumbang preso, taguan, habulan, agawan base, langit lupa, and all other physical games for kids were replaced by computers games, TV, and other electronic gadgets. Maybe kids nowadays don’t even know the games I’ve mentioned. It was my trip to Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort (Yes, it’s now a resort) that I got to see kids have fun, show team work and learn about discipline and taking care of¬† the environment – yes, without cellphones or computers.

This was my 2nd visit to Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort. If you would like to read on my previous post, you may click on this link: Paradise Adventure Camp. A lot of  additional amenities have been added to the place which makes it more exciting. Just from the entrance, I could see the well-maintained landscape that is so inviting.

Figures of animals and famous cartoon characters adorn the different areas of the camp. Kids and kids at heart enjoyed having their pictures taken with these characters.

This path starts from the main gate leads to the Administrative Office, then to the pool area.

The latest addition to the Resort- 4 swimming pools for Water Survival Activities.

One swimming pool is 3 feet deep. Two pools are 4 feet deep. The largest pool is 6 1/2 feet deep.

This sign welcomes guests to the Main Activity area and cottages.

Guests are gathered here in the Pavilion for briefing. Games and other fun activities are conducted in this covered area.

This is one of the areas to take lunch or meal breaks.

They now have a hotdog stand and a sari-sari store.

The camp/resort has different activity areas. They have maximized the place by building amenities for more fun-filled activities guests can enjoy. Even with construction going on, they take into consideration the protection of the environment. They have tree preservation and maintenance and they have placed trash bins in designated areas.

A line-up of Land, Water, and Air activities are prepared for guests for an awesome Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort experience.

If you’re brave enough, you can try rappelling down this 45ft tower.

You can go the other side of the tower and try wall climbing.

You can also try the zip line, tagged “Slide for Life”. This is nerve-wracking but definitely an awesome experience.

Kiddos can try the Kangaroo Ride.

Test your balancing skills in the Tree Top Hanging Bridge.

Can you cross the  Tree Top Swinging Log?

Friendly, Fun-loving and well-trained facilitators are present to lead you with the activities throughout the day.

Obstacle courses are designed for different age groups. Challenging and fun activities help improve self-confidence. This is the right place for kids to boost up their confidence and shine.

It’s not only about having fun. Games can teach children camaraderie, teamwork, and social skills.

Parents and guardians also have a set of games and activities. There’s no dull moment here in Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort.

You can choose where to have your lunch or snacks. There’s the tree house, gazebo, and cottages to choose from.

Here’s the newly-build dormitory/ Retreat House for those who want to stay overnight. … Happy Campers…

I would like to thank Ms. Juna, for inviting me to visit Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort. I was here 2010 to accompany my nephew. I felt like a child again. Happy and Free. I knew most of the guests felt the same way. 2012, PAC&R has become better with all the improvements and developments. Clean and well-maintained. Two thumbs up!

To the owners of PAC&R, Thank you for bringing smiles to your guests. Satisfaction and Safety Guaranteed!!!

It’s a clap, clap, clap for Paradise Adventure Camp & Resort.

Paradise Adventure Camp

Paradise 1, Tungkong Mangga, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Contact #: 666-5106 /546-9504

Mobile: Sabrina or joel


HOW TO GET THERE: Paradise Adventure Camp is 7 km away from SM Fairview. From SM Fairview, turn right and drive all the way until you reach Tungkong Mangga, San Jose del Monte Bulacan. When you see Jollibee Tungko, you turn right. You will find Paradise Farms High School, and from there you will find a .50 meter rough road on the right side, drive until you reach Paradise Adventure Camp.

Wanna be a Model? Don’t know How? Do you have a portfolio or setcard to start with?

¬†Wanna be a¬†Model? Don’t know How?¬†

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1. Giving the client a chance to see just how you look in a variety of situations.


2. Shows the client that you have experience as an experienced model not an amateur.

3. It demonstrates your ability as a model and shows a client that you are photogenic.


Setcard or ZEd CArd¬†¬†a 5r sized (only in PHIL) card that showcases your 4-5 best photos and include your personal information. It serves as your resume’ that you present to future client/agency.

. it  has the models stats (age, measurements, hair & eye colour, weight, height, clothing sizes, etc.) as well as the contact information for the agency the model is signed with.or model it self if she is a freelancer.



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Me and My Pet Photo Contest

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