Kebabers – Katipunan Ave.

We drove along Katipunan Avenue about 2 weeks ago and saw this new resto with bright yellow signage shouting KEBABERS. The name itself was catchy and made us want to try their food.

The interiors exude a modern, casual, and urban feel from the furniture to the wall designs and decor. Now let’s check the menu. Menu is limited, offering only shawarma and kebab rice meals and a few quick and easy to cook sides/snacks. Price fits a student’s budget, ranging from Php60 – Php160.

On the table:

Keema Shawarma (Php 85) has diced tomatoes, onion, and crispy potato strips. Taste is ok, nothing really something to rave about. The potato strips gives a texture at every bite.

It comes with a sauce, either Chili or Garlic. Unlike other kebab/shawarma resto or food stalls that allow customers to freely put how much sauce they want for FREE, KEBABERS does not. There’s an extra charge of P10 for a teeny-weenie cup of sauce.


Beef Kebab Shawarma (Php 70) has beef kebab, diced tomatoes, onions, and crunchy potato strips. The beef kebab looks like a slice of spam/meatloaf. Taste is ok but far from an authentic persian kebabs. It helped a lot by drizzling chili or garlic sauce for more flavor.


Twisted! fries (Php60) are fried potato spirals. I like the crunchy potato skin. Taste is just the same as the twisted fries of Mickey Dees. Errr… I find this a bit overpriced because of its small servings.


Their Onion Rings (Php60) are thick-coated and cooked golden brown. I didn’t enjoy munching on this coz’ I want onion rings with a crunchy outside texture and not like i’m eating a donut or pancake. It’s sad that there’s only 7 pcs of rings for 60 pesos. Boo-hoo!


Chili Fingers (Php60) are chili peppers with cheese inside then deep fried. I remember I made a version of  this last January. I filled it up with ground beef and cheese which tasted better than just chili and cheese. KEBABERS serves 4pcs of chili fingers but it’s actually just 2 pcs chilis cut in half to make 4 portions. Errr… Again… price is too much.


Kebab Meals have different versions, they have ones with cheese inside, others with breading then deep fried, and the regular kebab. You can choose beef, chicken, or fish kebab. I chose 2 pcs Beef Kebab (Php79), just the regular kind. It came with kebab rice, a slice of tomato, and chili/garlic sauce. It tasted ok, a bit better with the chili sauce for some flavor. Their version is made for the Filipino palate; just a thought… because it’s somehow sweet meatloaf/embuto like with less spices.

I give this place a clap for serving easy to prepare meals at affordable price. The store is relatively new and there is a big room for improvement in terms of serving size and flavor.




Address: Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Contact Number: 3755755




Raza’s Kabab and Persian Cuisine – Katipunan Ave.

It’s past midnight and we’re hungry so we searched for a place to eat. We drove along Anonas.. checked out 70’s Bistro and found out Parokya ni Edgar was playing. Oh, only if we knew they had a gig that night we could’ve gone there earlier. We then drove to Teacher’s Village but most of the restaurants were closed… and we ended up in Raza’s, a new restaurant in Katipunan. It is located where Blue Finn Grill & Restaurant used to be.

Raza’s offers Kabab and Persian cuisine though some Filipino food are also part of the menu.

On the table:

Raza’s Beef Shawarma (Php 85) has minced beef,  cucumber, tomato and onion wrapped in pita bread.  Add garlic- yoghurt sauce and hot chili sauce for some kick. The pita that was served was good… it’s puffy and hot.

Here’s Chelo Kebab (Php 95) that comes with ground beef with tomato and onion. I was quite disappointed with what was served. How am I supposed to eat kebab without pita bread or rice? The meat is juicy and tasty but still overpriced. I wished I ordered Beef Shawarma instead.

Extra order of pita bread costs Php 15 each. We ordered 5 more for carryout.

Also on the menu is Pancit Bihon (Php 130), obviously not Persian, but tastes satisfactory for a group with hungry tummies. It is cooked upon order which is good.

This is the Seafood Chopseuy (Php 130). It looks and tasted the same as the toppings on the pancit bihon. Hahaha… Sorry but price is the same, tastes is the same, except that it doesn’t have noodles. Serving is good for 1-2 persons and yes you need to order a cup of rice separately.

Another Filipino dish on the menu is the Chicken Inasal (Php 90). The chicken is covered with sweet sauce,  you won’t need a dipping sauce anymore.

I checked out Raza’s facebook page and it’s good to see that they’re offering value meals ranging from Php60 to Php 90. That’s GREAT!!! There’s room for improvement and with a little more staff training (familiarity with the menu), Raza’s will go a long way. See you again a few months from now.


Raza’s Kabab & Persian Cuisine


Address: 361 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines 1101

Contact Number: 4347336

They are open until 3:00 am.

Chicken Charlie- Katipunan Ave.

Here’s an addition to my ‘double fried chicken hype’ experience. Jr, Cy, Van, and I had a late dinner at Chicken Charlie- Katipunan branch. It’s another attempt to find the best tasting double fried chicken in town.

On the table:

We started off with the Potato Wedges (Php 49). What I liked about it was the crispy skin. It gives an extra crunch in every bite.

Their version of Cheesestick Dynamite (8pcs -Php 99) is deep fried, wanton wrapped chili with cream cheese. It was a bit disappointing because the menu said 8pcs so we thought we’d be getting 8 whole pieces of chili (as mentioned also on their website Chicken Charlie – MENU), but we only got 4 chilis cut in halves.

For the taste, It’s a s0-s0… I’d munch on the potato wedges instead.

My nephew Vandyke had Charlie’s Bowl (Php 59). You can upgrade this to a meal by adding Php15 for a glass of iced tea. Charlie’s Bowl is bowl of steamed rice topped with crunchy chicken strips in soy-garlic sauce. He like it so much his bowl was wiped out in an instant.

And now, for the main star of the evening… Chicken Charlie’s double-fried chicken. Inspired by Korean style cooking, chicken is lightly battered and double fried to take out the fat, resulting to a super crispy chicken wing/drumstick. It is then glazed with soy garlic sauce or hot sweet sauce.

We had Combo 2: 3 drumsticks + 6 chicken wings (Php 315). This came with a serving of pickled radish. Extra serving costs (Php 20).


The serving wasn’t enough for the group because “wings” in Chicken Charlie means splitting an actual wing in half.  They separated the drumstick like part and the wing. 6 wings = 3 wings cut in half.

We like the crunchiness and the flavor so much we didn’t mind how small the serving was. We ordered another basket of chicken wings.


The pickled radish is a perfect partner when chowing down korean style fried chicken. The combination gives an addicting taste, a mix of salty and spicy, briny and sweet. Hot and crunchy chicken plus the cold and tender radish bring fireworks in my mouth. Irresistible!


I give Chicken Charlie clap, clap, clap for good tasting double fried chicken I couldn’t get over with. In fact, I want to go to Katipunan now for some chicken charlie fix. Price is still lower compared to other double fried chicken stores in the metro. I just wish the serving would be bigger. uh-huh… i wish…


Chicken Charlie


Address: 317 Katipunan Avenue, Loyala Heights QC
Contact Number: 921-6162/ 0923-1656170
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm