Flaming Moo Grilled Burgers – Novaliches

Hi there! I’m starting my year right by updating my blog. Cheers to more food trips and travel adventures this 2016!

I’d like to thank my sidekick, Carla, who is easy to drag on a food trip. Out of the countless lists of food we like, it is meat that stands out – burger, steak, kebab, anything meat. She has been telling me about this food truck along Quirino Hway (it is walking distance from Robinsons Mall Fairview going to Zabarte) and it was last December when we had the chance to check it out.

We arrived at Flaming Moo Grilled Burgers around 7pm and the place was starting to get busy with 3 tables occupied. It’s interesting to watch how food is prepared in such a compact space



Carla had the Classic Moo burger (Php65). It’s a single patty burger with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and onion.


I had the Moo Moo Burger (Php100). It’s a juicy burger loaded with TLC, bacon, cheese, caramelized onion and mushroom, and topped with cheese sauce.


DSC_0028We also had french fries (Php25) and Raspberry Iced Tea (Php25). Yes, it’s that affordable. The burgers were good, tasty, and juicy. They don’t skimp on the quality of the ingredients. Bonus: mayo, mustard, ketchup (no extra charge)

Service was fast and done with a smile. 🙂

Flaming Moo is a simple and unpretentious food truck to get affordable and decent meals. We have yet to try the other burgers on the menu and the sausages too. We definitely have to visit soon.


Flaming Moo Grilled Burgers

Quirino Highway, Novaliches




ICON Bar: Intercontinental Hotel- Makati

Elmer Dado with Gruppo Tribale and all the DJs killed it! Everyone felt the vibe as laser fountains webbed the entire dance floor to the beat of live percussion plus techno/trance music filled ICON bar last September 4, 2011. ICON has 9 VIP rooms and 3 bars plus the tables all over the dance floor. The crowd arrived late evening and the party just started around 2am. Woohooo!!!

Beer is my usual drink when I go out with friends; nevertheless, I enjoyed the Classic Mojito (Php 230) that was served. The mint, lime juice, and rum mixture was refreshing. What I didn’t like about mojito is straining all the mint leaves while drinking. It’s either you swallow it or get it stuck between your teeth.

We liked the Lychee Martini (Php 230) with a hint of coconut. I was delighted with the sweet scent and tropical flavor.

We were served a tall serving of Margarita (Php 230). It would’ve been great if the consistency is slushy rather than watery. Maybe the ice melted faster making the taste a bit bland, lacking the kick of tequila.

We had ICON Supreme pizza (Php 720) which I love. The pizza was served warm, just about the right temperature to sink my teeth in. It was topped with mushroom, beef bits, ham, pepperoni, bell pepper, onion, mozzarella cheese and dashed with herbs. It was so flavorful!!! The smoky taste of mushroom, the sweet caramelized flavor of onion, combined with the meaty flavor just hit the spot. No doubt, this pizza deserves to be named ICON Supreme. Definitely a must try.

If you like something hotttt and spicy then this appetizer will satisfy your taste buds- Nachos El Grande (Php 410). It’s a bed of nacho chips loaded with chili meat sauce and melted cheese topped with another layer of nacho chips drizzled with sour cream to finish it off. I like the soggy part where all the meat sauce and cheese combine. Yeah! The spiciness of the meat sauce that heats up my mouth followed by the mint-lime taste of mojito is just perfect! I could finish this entire thing! Uhm… if I wasn’t in a bar. Heheheh…

Feast your eyes with the laser lights, fill your soul with energy with the music, fill your tummy with the great food and drinks ICON has to offer. Experience all these only at ICON.


Address: Intercontinental Hotel Manila, No. 1 Ayala Ave.
Makati City

Contact Number: 793-7000

Business Hours:10 p.m. – 4 p.m.