Kebabers – Katipunan Ave.

We drove along Katipunan Avenue about 2 weeks ago and saw this new resto with bright yellow signage shouting KEBABERS. The name itself was catchy and made us want to try their food.

The interiors exude a modern, casual, and urban feel from the furniture to the wall designs and decor. Now let’s check the menu. Menu is limited, offering only shawarma and kebab rice meals and a few quick and easy to cook sides/snacks. Price fits a student’s budget, ranging from Php60 – Php160.

On the table:

Keema Shawarma (Php 85) has diced tomatoes, onion, and crispy potato strips. Taste is ok, nothing really something to rave about. The potato strips gives a texture at every bite.

It comes with a sauce, either Chili or Garlic. Unlike other kebab/shawarma resto or food stalls that allow customers to freely put how much sauce they want for FREE, KEBABERS does not. There’s an extra charge of P10 for a teeny-weenie cup of sauce.


Beef Kebab Shawarma (Php 70) has beef kebab, diced tomatoes, onions, and crunchy potato strips. The beef kebab looks like a slice of spam/meatloaf. Taste is ok but far from an authentic persian kebabs. It helped a lot by drizzling chili or garlic sauce for more flavor.


Twisted! fries (Php60) are fried potato spirals. I like the crunchy potato skin. Taste is just the same as the twisted fries of Mickey Dees. Errr… I find this a bit overpriced because of its small servings.


Their Onion Rings (Php60) are thick-coated and cooked golden brown. I didn’t enjoy munching on this coz’ I want onion rings with a crunchy outside texture and not like i’m eating a donut or pancake. It’s sad that there’s only 7 pcs of rings for 60 pesos. Boo-hoo!


Chili Fingers (Php60) are chili peppers with cheese inside then deep fried. I remember I made a version of  this last January. I filled it up with ground beef and cheese which tasted better than just chili and cheese. KEBABERS serves 4pcs of chili fingers but it’s actually just 2 pcs chilis cut in half to make 4 portions. Errr… Again… price is too much.


Kebab Meals have different versions, they have ones with cheese inside, others with breading then deep fried, and the regular kebab. You can choose beef, chicken, or fish kebab. I chose 2 pcs Beef Kebab (Php79), just the regular kind. It came with kebab rice, a slice of tomato, and chili/garlic sauce. It tasted ok, a bit better with the chili sauce for some flavor. Their version is made for the Filipino palate; just a thought… because it’s somehow sweet meatloaf/embuto like with less spices.

I give this place a clap for serving easy to prepare meals at affordable price. The store is relatively new and there is a big room for improvement in terms of serving size and flavor.




Address: Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Contact Number: 3755755




Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub- Malingap St., Teacher’s Village

It was raining and  I was freakin’  hungry… Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub saved my day. Located in Malingap St, that is near schools, business establishments, and residential areas, it is one of the best places in Teacher’s Village to hang out, drink some, or get that shawarma fix.

The menu is simple and straight forward…no fuss… I just wished it has photos to make it appealing. Price of food doesn’t hurt the pocket. College students and yuppies can enjoy their meals anytime of the day. Beverages are a bit pricey, for me.

This is their version of Beef Shawarma Rice (Php 120 with veggies). You can choose all beef shawarma for Php 162.  The onion, tomato, and cucumber slices are perfect to mix with the tender and flavorful beef. It was the bomb! I mixed the garlic yoghurt and spicy yoghurt  sauce . I like it creamy and spicy.

The Chicken Shawarma Rice (Php 120) became my instant favorite. You can also have it all chicken with an additional fee of Php42. Their Mediterranean inspired meals are simple, warm, and solid-tasting comfort food that will fill you up within your budget .

Toasted pita bread (Php 15). Eating the crunchy burnt edges with spicy yoghurt sauce is addicting. Next time, I shall try it with Hummus or Ox Brain.

I’m one happy customer. My hungry tummy deserves good food.

I give Uncle Moe’s a clap, clap, clap for the quick service and good tasting meals.

If you’re looking for a place to go after school/after work, visit Uncle Moe’s. This is the perfect place to go if you just want to hang out and grab something to eat or have a couple of drinks with some friends. Cheers!



Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub


Address: 45 Malingap St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Contact Number: 482-8058

Raza’s Kabab and Persian Cuisine – Katipunan Ave.

It’s past midnight and we’re hungry so we searched for a place to eat. We drove along Anonas.. checked out 70’s Bistro and found out Parokya ni Edgar was playing. Oh, only if we knew they had a gig that night we could’ve gone there earlier. We then drove to Teacher’s Village but most of the restaurants were closed… and we ended up in Raza’s, a new restaurant in Katipunan. It is located where Blue Finn Grill & Restaurant used to be.

Raza’s offers Kabab and Persian cuisine though some Filipino food are also part of the menu.

On the table:

Raza’s Beef Shawarma (Php 85) has minced beef,  cucumber, tomato and onion wrapped in pita bread.  Add garlic- yoghurt sauce and hot chili sauce for some kick. The pita that was served was good… it’s puffy and hot.

Here’s Chelo Kebab (Php 95) that comes with ground beef with tomato and onion. I was quite disappointed with what was served. How am I supposed to eat kebab without pita bread or rice? The meat is juicy and tasty but still overpriced. I wished I ordered Beef Shawarma instead.

Extra order of pita bread costs Php 15 each. We ordered 5 more for carryout.

Also on the menu is Pancit Bihon (Php 130), obviously not Persian, but tastes satisfactory for a group with hungry tummies. It is cooked upon order which is good.

This is the Seafood Chopseuy (Php 130). It looks and tasted the same as the toppings on the pancit bihon. Hahaha… Sorry but price is the same, tastes is the same, except that it doesn’t have noodles. Serving is good for 1-2 persons and yes you need to order a cup of rice separately.

Another Filipino dish on the menu is the Chicken Inasal (Php 90). The chicken is covered with sweet sauce,  you won’t need a dipping sauce anymore.

I checked out Raza’s facebook page and it’s good to see that they’re offering value meals ranging from Php60 to Php 90. That’s GREAT!!! There’s room for improvement and with a little more staff training (familiarity with the menu), Raza’s will go a long way. See you again a few months from now.


Raza’s Kabab & Persian Cuisine


Address: 361 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines 1101

Contact Number: 4347336

They are open until 3:00 am.

World Class Persian Kebab- E.Rodriguez Q.C.

When Baloogs and I crave for spicy food, we usually rush to restos that serve Mediterranean food. The urge for something spicy has been going on for a month already…weird but true. And so we tried eating here in World Class Persian Kebab. The facade isn’t that appealing…sorry to say…it didn’t look world class. But what the heck, it’s the food we’re after anyways. We had our food outside since we didn’t want to smell like shawarma.

The extensive menu delighted me, seeing prices not exceeding Php250. The food here is priced really low compared to other mediterranean/persian restaurants. Imagine 200 plus for a lamb chop. Sweeeeet!   😀

We had Shawarma on plate for Php55. Nothing special. Some parts of the beef are chewy…tough and dry. I had another pita for Php10 because 1 order isn’t enough. It was way too thin for a pita bread. It’s crispy and was served hot. We added yogurt/garlic sauce and hot sauce for some kick.

The salad that came with the shawarma consists of onion, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce. Just as expected for a Php55 meal.

We also had Shawarma rice for Php60. Don’t be fooled by the biryani rice. It’s yellow not because of the saffron, it must be some other spices or margarine they put there. The menu sounded delectable but…nottttttt.

I wish they seasoned their rice to make it “biryani” and not just call it one because it’s long grain rice they’re serving. Last and the definitely the best for the night is the chicken kabab for Php44. What we liked about it is the flavor and juiciness. It’s tender and cooked way better than the previous dishes. See I couldn’t control myself from getting a bite before we had the picture taken.

All in all, dining here is ho-hum, so-so… just okay. If you want persian food late at night and there are no other options, go here. They are open 24 hours. Get what I mean?

World Class Persian Kebab

Address: #1 E. Rodriguez Avenue (Corner Tomas Morato Avenue), Quezon City, Philippines

Shawarma Snack Center- Malate

A lot of Mediterranean restaurants have mushroomed in the metro but I prefer this tiny hole-in-the-wall resto that serves mid-east food in Malate. I don’t frequent Malate that’s why I was so amazed to find this “gem” maybe most of you have known already. Thanks to my partner-in-crime for not letting me the last one to know about SSC.

The place is small with just about 8 to 10 tables, it’s not classy but I assure you the food will tickle your taste buds.  If you like classy ones, they got one across the street…a high-end version that serves almost same menu, only the ambiance is different.

What I like about this tiny shack is that it offers authentic mid-east goodies without hurting your pocket. Check out the menu below.

Unlike other shawarma places that try to clone the genuine shawarma flavor, most of the ingredients used in SSC are imported from middle east.

That’s my beef kabbab on the grill. *drool*

On the table, we had shawarice only for Php95. A plate consists of beef shawarma, salad, and biryani rice. With other Mediterranean restos I’ve tried, SSC so far has satisfied my palate. Though the tenderness of the beef isn’t consistent, my mouth still agrees on liking this dish as it is compensated well by its flavor- add chili sauce and garlic sauce to get the real shawarma goodness. The biryani rice is again…not a clone! Long grain rice cooked with authentic spices makes me think I’m in Persia. Taste it to believe. I promise this dish won’t disappoint you. SSC’s biryani rice is definitely better than World Class Persian Kebab’s, the latter serves bland pale yellow rice that looks like food coloring.

SSC serves arabic/pita bread for Php10 each. Perfect for the well-seasoned tender beef kabbab I ordered. Yummmeh!

Here’s the dish of the night. Beef Kabbab for Php195. It comes with 3 beef kabbabs, salad, grilled tomato, grilled onion and arabic bread. This is surely a winner! The beef is tender and flavorful. The salad with onion, green bell pepper, and herbs matches well with the flavor of the meat. The arabic bread was warm but I think isn’t enough for the 3 servings of meat; a cup of Biryani rice would do.

If you happen to be in Malate or if you just want to try authentic mid-east food that’s delicious and affordable, here’s how to go to Shawarma Snack Center in Malate :

Drive along Mabini going to Hyatt Hotel and Casino and turn left on Salas Street. You’ll find SSC along Salas St.; it’s on the right side.

Come in anytime, they’re open 24 hours.   😀





Shawarma Snack Center

Address: Shawarma Snack Center
45 Salas Street, Ermita,

Contact #: (02) 525-4541

Burgeelicious- Coron

It’s 11pm, you’re hungry and craving for burgers… who do you call??? Burgeelicious!

After the relaxing dip in Maquinit Hot Spring, we didn’t notice we had slept a few extra hours than expected. Most restaurants close 10:30pm and would already take last orders at 10. Good thing we found out about Burgeelicious and we were so happy that they are just a phone call/text away. My cousin had shawarma burger and I had cheeseburger. It comes with their own version of fries… sweet potato fries. We also ordered buffalo wings with garlic mayo dip.

The serving is big enough and is good for sharing. It’s tender and juicy beef is lean and decent. Not thin, oily, and fatty. The sauce for the cheeseburger is ordinary. My cousin said the shawarma burger is good, though. There’s a variety of burgers to choose from, i just couldn’t remember all… well except for the wasabi burger i didn’t dare to try. Maybe next time.    🙂

There are 4 pcs. of  big size Buffalo wings for each serving. I was expecting the hot and spicy kind of wings but this one was rather sweet and had a bit of bbq taste. Two pcs of wings and my cheeseburger filled my hungry stomach. Thumbs up!!!

Service is very good! They accept orders even during wee hours and will even have the food delivered to your room. Two thumbs up for that!

When in Coron, try Burgeelicious. It’s one thing in Coron that you shouldn’t miss.


Contact #: 09182062677

Mister Kabab -West Avenue

After spending an afternoon of shopping, uploading songs on my ipod, and enjoying the sight of gadgets, toys, and clothes in Greenhills, Jr (my brother), Cy (my sister-in-law) and I decided to have dinner somewhere along Timog.

mister kebab

It was a Friday night…Timog and Morato area was undeniably packed so we headed to West Ave. instead. The huge signage of Mister Kabab caught our attention; the place is much bigger and better compared to the old one. The much improved Mister Kabab has nice interiors, with bricks, lamps, and decor’ to have that Persian ambiance. I’m glad they have very good ventilation, you need not worry about smelling like shawarma.

Once we were seated, the waitress rushed to get our order. We ordered 2 special Chelo Kabab, 1 extra rice, 1 Persian Shawarma, 1 Kabab Sandwich, 1 7-up in can, 2 Mountain Dew,and 1 Iced tea… all for only 530 pesos.


Chelo Kebab with 2 roasted tomatoes and buttered rice

The beef was tender and savory, with or without the garlic white sauce or the red hot and spicy sauce. The generous serving of buttered rice complimented the flavor of the beef and roasted tomato. I drowned the meat with the white sauce with a bit of hot sauce, it was good though we wanted some more garlic taste.


Persian Shawarma

A very tasty shawarma, warm pita bread loaded with beef, cucumber, tomato and onion. The flavor of the juicy and tender beef blends well with the diced tomato, cucumber and onion.


Kebab Sandwich

Sorry about the photo, well this is all they’ve got in the sandwich…Chelo kebab with tomato and cucumber slices. Seemed "bitin" but the taste of the kebab is all that mattered. 

Mister Kebab surely satisfied my always hungry stomach. I’ll definitely go back for more Persian chow experience. Their extensive yet budget-friendly menu (note: nothing in the menu exceeded 150) is yet to be conquered. I want to try the Keema with egglplant, Beryani rice, and yoghurt.  




Mister Kabab

95 A West Ave., Quezon City

(02) 373-5941