Splash Island- Binan, Laguna

It’s OFFICIALLY SUMMERTIME! Bring out your flip flops and sunblock, it’s time to hit the beach— or for those in the metro, take a  plunge in the pool!

Have a fun, stress-free day here in Splash Island. They’ve got everything you need to enjoy summer. It was my first time to go to Splash Island… and I’m telling ‘ya, I really had a blast.

Splash Island,the largest water park in the Philippines, is managed and operated by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Inc.. It has thrilling rides/water slides for some adrenaline seeking adventurers and at the same time, they also have amenities for kids to enjoy.

You can bask in the sun and play in the sand along Agos Grandes. It feels like being in a beach- you can rent a kayak, ride the zorb ball, or hit the waves while listening to live music. Ohhh yeah!!!

You want more thrill? Try the zip line or bungee trampoline. How about wall climbing, mini golf or paintball? For some entertainment, they have the Polynesian dancers, fire dancers, and live band. Don’t be shy, go ahead and shake that booty! Hehehe…

WIN a prize with fun games like shooting the ball for Php50… oh, and you can also have your picture taken from their photo booth also for Php50.

Bringing of food/drinks isn’t allowed. Don’t be sad because they have food pavilion and stalls scattered around the park OR you can also have your lunch in the parking lot…no problemo.

Just in case you forgot to bring shampoo/soap/sunblock/swimsuit… don’t  ya worry, just go to the souvenir shop and they have  those stuffs there.

Here’s a map of Splash Island… make sure you try all the rides… don’t be a chicken. hehe…

Here’s the park schedule. It’s best to check the time each ride/slide opens just so that you won’t miss it. Notice that they open as early as 8am… whoooaaa… I can stay the whole day…

I wanna slide again and again and again… I will definitely go back to splash island before summer ends. I know there are a lot of discount deals on the internet. For more information about Splash Island and promo deals, you can check their website http://www.splashisland.net or Splash Island.

Bring your family and friends for some thrilling, fun, and exciting summer adventure. It’s a clap, clap, clap for Splash Island.

Share us your splash island experience. 🙂

Splash Island

Address: Southwoods Ecocentrum, Binan, Laguna

Contact Number: Landline: 986-5058/ 710-5878

Mobile: 0918-9129177/ 0915-7843527

Facebook: splash island

Club Manila East Resorts and Hotels

Swimming ain’t just for summer days, it can be anytime even on a cold December.
 I missed the Boracay trip with college friends last year and so we thought of  going to the beach before 2009 ends. Too bad only 4 of us could go, the rest had corporate parties and were busy for the holidays. This trip was some sort of a “strike anywhere” thing…we couldn’t go out of town as well since my friends only had a weekend off from work. Making things short, we ended up at Club Manila East -Taytay. My friend found out about it in the internet. The website doesn’t look appealing but we decided to go anyways.
CME is a resort that offers 10 different kinds of pools… lap pool, kiddie pool, sun-screen pool, pool where you can use the kayak, pool with giant slide…name it! We were excited to use the kayak; only a bunch of people were there those days so we were able to enjoy kayaking as long as we wanted.
The place is huge— it has an area of 9,100 sqm and is designed as a miniature Laguna De Bay.

"Get that beach feeling!" --- Club Manila East

pink and blue room

kitchen area

dining area

 We were escorted to our room using a mini cab; we checked out the room, turned the A/C and TV on. The bathroom was the 1st “failure” we encountered (yeah there’s more).  The faucet near the sink is leaking and the toilet is also busted, water keeps flowing even when not flushed. We called for assistance so we could transfer to another room but the person in the front desk told us that they would just send someone to check the leak. 2nd failure came when we asked 2 extra towels, toiletries and linens since there were 4 of us. It took them more than an hour to do all those things.

We wanted to stroll and take pictures but we didn’t know where we were headed to. They didn’t have a brochure or a map inside the room, and so we went back to the front desk to ask for one. dang!

How about trying surfing lessons, pool basketball, golf lessons, wall climbing, rappeling, and zip? Exciting huh? That’s  ACCORDING TO THE BROCHURE… But hey! We couldn’t find them. We asked the guard and one guy who watches the kayak and  they said it’s not available yet… probably it’s for summer 2010. boo hoo! 

We went kayaking and swimming and that’s it… no wave pool because they only operate at a certain schedule. The buzzy river is closed for repainting. haizzz!

CLOSED --- only for summer time... boo!

plants everywhere... ~nice~

more flowers

meet the one-legged owl

 One thing I liked about CME is that you can place your order and have your food delivered anytime you want except after 9pm when the kitchen is already closed. This is nice, especially that the villas are not so near the restaurants.

MENU - - - mostly pinoy favorites

what's for dinner?

We had tinolang manok, lechon kawali, chicken and pork adobo, sinigang na baboy. My friend ordered sweet and sour fish fillet but they brought fish fillet steak tagalog. When asked about what happened to the sweet and sour fish we ordered, the staff said it wasn’t available. ok? so… they decided to bring another fish dish anyways. Was that good or bad?

Food was oily and salty but bearable, just drink lots of water. hahaha… we had dessert to have something sweet in our palate. Thumbs up for the fruit salad and almond lychee. Good thing there’s still something enjoyable about this place.

I don’t think there’ll be a 2nd time here in CME. Spending Php3300 for 2, plus Php700 for each additional person for a lousy service is like watching your money go down the drain.